GLAD I got some FREE Old DUTCH! Shopping Brag!

hahah see what I did there?

So I've been elected to bring chips and dip for my nephews birthday celebration in 2 weeks so I knew for sure I could get chips dirt cheap.
Also I couldn't pass up on the GLAD deal at loblaws this week!

4 x Old Dutch Chips Reg $2.49 Sale $1.99 - (4) $2 coupons(on the go magazine)= FREE (1.05 tax)

10 x Glad Sandwich Bags Reg $1.97 Sale $1- (5) $2wub2 coupons (walmart magazine)= FREE ($1.30 tax)

Total Before Savings and Deals: $29.66
Total After Savings and Deals:$2.35
Total Saved:$27.31- 92% Savings!!!

Also hit up Talize (missed the 1 day 2 coloured 50% off sale but still got some great deals)

1 x Shirt $4.99
1 x Shirt $5.99
1 x Shirt $5.99
1 x Shirt $6.99
2 x Jeans $7.99- BOGO FREE= $7.99 for both!
1 x Sweater $5.99
- $5 coupon (when you donate a bag)

I don't even know what the regular price of all of this would have been but I think I got some GREAT Deals!


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