Spirit Halloween Save 20% off One Item! Printable

Hey everyone,
Did you know some Halloween stores have coupons that can be applied to your purchase?

Spirit Halloween usually sets up temporary stores around major cities, 
they also offer a 20% off any one item coupon that you can print, and take into the store to redeem.
Coupon offer expires Oct 13th 2013.

GLAD I got some FREE Old DUTCH! Shopping Brag!

hahah see what I did there?

So I've been elected to bring chips and dip for my nephews birthday celebration in 2 weeks so I knew for sure I could get chips dirt cheap.
Also I couldn't pass up on the GLAD deal at loblaws this week!

4 x Old Dutch Chips Reg $2.49 Sale $1.99 - (4) $2 coupons(on the go magazine)= FREE (1.05 tax)

10 x Glad Sandwich Bags Reg $1.97 Sale $1- (5) $2wub2 coupons (walmart magazine)= FREE ($1.30 tax)

Total Before Savings and Deals: $29.66
Total After Savings and Deals:$2.35
Total Saved:$27.31- 92% Savings!!!

Also hit up Talize (missed the 1 day 2 coloured 50% off sale but still got some great deals)

1 x Shirt $4.99
1 x Shirt $5.99
1 x Shirt $5.99
1 x Shirt $6.99
2 x Jeans $7.99- BOGO FREE= $7.99 for both!
1 x Sweater $5.99
- $5 coupon (when you donate a bag)

I don't even know what the regular price of all of this would have been but I think I got some GREAT Deals!

Manitoba Harvest: Hemp Hearts Review and Giveaway

Hey everyone!
I had the awesome chance to review a great product over on my Review Blog:
Frugal Chick's Rave Reviews.
I reviewed a product called Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest.
Head on over and read my review there, once your done, come back here to enter to win your own bag of Hemp Hearts!!

"Hemp Hearts
Taste great, are easy to use, and so good for you!
These soft-textured seeds taste a bit like a sunflower or pine nut. Sprinkle over salad, cereal or yogurt. Add to recipes, or simply eat straight from the bag........"
 Click Here to read the FULL Hemp Hearts Review!

Stockpile Summer 2013! Health, Beauty, Cleaning Supplies

Hello everyone!
I don't know about everyone else but I LOVE organizing my stockpile!
It's also a great way to keep track of what you are running low on.
Living in an apartment restricts what I can stockpile, and being a two person household we don't need to stockpile food much.
Here is my stockpile updated as of Summer 2013.

Top Layer of boxes which you cannot see in picture are filled with Medications, and feminine products.

I can't believe I'm running low on dishsoap! hehe

Do you stockpile? What does it look like? What's a MUST have for your stockpile?