Shopping Deals! 85% Savings, FREE Bread, FREE Tacos, FREE SMoothies, Free Guac!

Hello all!
It's been a while since I posted a shop, but to be honest I felt my deals weren't that great lately, summer seems to be a time where coupons are lacking and it becomes harder and harder to get deals.
Also I've passed up on some deals because I'm a firm believer of the saying, '' It's not a deal if you don't need it'' ;)

Anyway I decided to hit up a local mall I used to work at to visit some co-workers and take advantage of deals at no frills!
First stop was DQ/Orange Julius to use my FREE Coupon.

DQ/OJ: 1 x small Strawberry/Banana Smoothie Reg $3.99- FPC (cereal box)= FREE

No Frills:

1 x Taco soft shell kit Reg $4.17- FPC (facebook)= FREE
1 x Yuctan Guac Reg $4.79- FPC (rep)= FREE
6 x Ziploc bags Reg $1.49 Sale $0.88 - (3) $0.50 wub2= $3.78 or $0.63 each

Then I wanted to get the free bread but to my surprise, no frills doesn't carry Dempsters!
So visited Metro on my way home.


1 x Dempsters Veggie Bread Reg $3.79- FPC(facebook)= FREE

Total before savings: $25.68
Total after savings: $3.78
Total saved: $21.90- 85% Savings!!

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