Good Food and Drink Festival Goodies!

Hey everyone,
Went to the Good Food and Drink Festival today after hearing that it's supposed to be a great festival with tons of free samples, coupons and giveaways.
Well the show wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but I did manage to get a few freebies and coupons.

Here's what I got:

2 x Cans of Cloverleaf Tuna
3 x Tea Samples
2 x Valor chocolates (not pictured)
2 x Redpath cookies (1 pictured)
2 x Wine Glasses
2 x Tums samples
2 x Packages of Seasonings

Coupons for: Pam, Cloverleaf, Valor and Almond Fresh

Overall it was a small, quiet show which had a few freebies but nothing extravagant.
But I saved money on the tickets with the 2 for 1 Wagjag deal :)


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