Auto Show FREEBIES Galore!!!

Hey everyone!
Had today off so me, my bf and our friend decided to all go to the International Auto Show here in Toronto.
I bought tickets online using a coupon code (naturally ) so we only paid $15 instead of $22!! Yikes!
Anyway, I've noticed over the years that these types of shows usually give out lot's of samples and freebies!
Here's our score of goodies!

8 x Febreze Vent Clips
8 x Puff's Tissue Packs
8 x Coupon Booklets with $4 off Gillette razor, $0.50 off Puffs tissues, $1 off Febreze Car vent clips and $1.50 off Febreze fabric refresher
2 x Jeep Phone Cases
3 x Armor All sponges
2 X Armor All Wash & Wax pouches
3 x Reusable Bags
4 x FPC for FREE Hot Chocolate/Hot Beverage at Mac's Stores
2 x $5 Gas cards to Petro Canada (only one pictured as we used one on the way home)
+ a Pen and a Sucker (both not pictured)

Just a little side note, there was about 6 Febreze Booths set up around the entire MCC so we didn't keep going back to the same booth lol 

The boys got to oooh and aaahhh over the cars and I got lot's of freebies!!


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