Wagjag: $20/$35 for Cold and Flu Bundles! (Up to $82 Value)

Last Wagjag Deal for today!

$20 for a Basic OR $35 for a Double Cold and Flu Bundle - Halls, Cold-FX and More (Up to $82 Value)

$20 for a single cold and flu bundle (a $42 value)
$35 for a double cold and flu bundle (an $82 value)

Packages Include:

1 or 2 x Breathe Right advanced nasal strips (8-count box)
1 or 2 x Cold-FX (18 capsules x 200 mg) On-The-Go Pack
2 or 4 x Wet Ones Citrus Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes (15-count travel pack)
2 or 4 x Halls Assorted Multipacks (each multipack conatins a 9-tablet pack each of cherry, honey-lemon, coolmint, regular)

Shipping Included!

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