New High Value Printable Coupons! Healthy Essentials!

Good morning!
Woke up to a lovely email full of high value coupons!
Healthy Essentials has a whack of high value coupons available to print, only catch is they all expire December 30 2012! So only print what you know you'll use!

List of available Coupons:

$3.00 off Polysporin
$4.00 off Neutrogena
$3.00 off Clean & Clear products
$2.00 off Johnsons Baby Lotions or Creams
$5.00 off WUB2 Aveeno
$3.00 off Listerine
$2.00 off Bandaid
$2.00 off Lubriderm
$5.00 off Adult Tylenol
$5.00 off Adult Benylin
$5.00 off Reactine

Click Here to Print your coupons!


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