Holiday Baking Tip: Trick to making perfect pie crusts!

Hey everyone!
Tis the season to be baking, fa la la la la la la la la!
If you're into cutting a few corners and use frozen pie crusts like me, then this little tidbit is great for you.

When using frozen pie crusts, you know that each shell is held in a tin foil plate.
One of the crusts stays in the plate, but the other you usually throw away right?
Well I have a great way to make use of that extra plate.

When baking pies, most instructions indicate that you should use tin foil and put it around the rim of your pie after about 15 minutes of baking to avoid the crusts from burning.
Instead of wasting tin foil, you can use your pie plates!

Step 1: Cut your tin foil plate down the middle.
Step 2: Cut each half circle out of each side of the plate.
Step 3: Carefully fit strips over your pie rim.

You'll not only save your tin foil, but also have perfect pies!


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