New Coupon: Save $1 on Eggo Mini Waffles- Printable

Hey everyone! has a GREAT new printable coupon offer available.

Save $1 on Eggo Mini Waffles

*Remember, you can print each coupon twice, per computer!

New Catelli Coupons: Save $1 or $0.75!

Hey everyone!
Catelli has a 2 different coupons available!

Save either $1.00 on any Catelli Product 
Save $0.75 on any Catelli Product

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(pssst: Select Yes for $0.75 or No for $1 Coupon)

New Coupon: Save $1 wub Maple Leaf Buns!

Good Morning everyone!
Websaver has a great new coupon available.

Save $1 wub Maple Leaf Hotdog/Hamburger Buns!

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Smartsource: Save $3 wub 5 Smart Ones Frozen Products!

Hey everyone! has some great printable coupons available.

Save $3 WUB 5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Dinners!

Click the above link to PRINT yours.. and view many more available coupons!

Save $3 on Habanero Shredded Cheese!

Hey everyone!
Kraft has released a brand new HOT high value Cheese coupon!

Save $3 on Kraft Habanero Heat Shredded Cheese!

You have to ''sell your soul'' via facebook for this coupon, which is ordered through
Make sure to have your pop up blocker off to access the coupon!

New Heinz Baby Food Coupons! B4G1 Free and Buy 8 save $1.50

Hey everyone! has some great new baby food printable coupons available.

Buy 4 get 1 FREE 128ml Heinz Baby Food Puches
Buy 8 save $1.50 on any Heinz Baby Food Glass Jars/Tubs

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Save $2 on ANY Royale Product!

Hey everyone!
GoCoupons has a GREAT new Royale coupon available.

Save $2 on ANY Royale Product!
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New Coupon: Save $0.50 on Hershey Kisses

Hey everyone!
Websaver has a yummy new coupon available.

Save $0.50 on Hershey Kisses

Great time to stock up for Christmas!

New Coupon: Save $2 on Bic Soleil Disposable Shavers!

Hey everyone! has a great new coupon available.

Save $2 on Bic Soleil Disposable Shavers!

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New Cinnabon Printable Coupons! (valid only in ON and NS)

Hey everyone!
Cinnabon Canada has released some yummy new coupons.

• FREE Coffee wub any baked goods
• Bogo Free Minibon Roll
• Bogo Free 5 ct CinnabonStix
• Save $1 off Chillfactr

Coupons are valid November 19- December 16th 2012
Valid only in Ontario and Nova Scotia

Healthy Essentials- New Printable Coupons!

Hey everyone!
HealthyEssentials is now the newest stop to print great money saving coupons.
This site takes over as of December 3, 2012, but they've already launched AND have a whole slew of NEW coupons!
My favourite is the $3 off Neutrogena Moisturizers as that's the brand I use for my face moisturizer and it's so expensive!

Here's a list of coupons available to print!
(Borrowed from Canadian Daily Deals)

   AVEENO Save $1.00 off AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Lotion & Wash (excludes SPF 15 lotion)
• BANDAID  Save $1.00 off any BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages product excluding Plus Antibiotic and the Antiseptic Wash
• POLYSPORIN Cold Sore Healing Patch Save $5.00 off the POLYSPORIN Cold Sore Healing Patch
• BENADRYL Save $2.00 on the purchase of any BENADRYL products
• BENADRYL Save $3.00 on the purchase of any TWO BENADRYL products
• BENADRYL Bug Bite Relief Save $4.00 on the purchase of BENADRYL Bug Bite Relief
• NICODERM Patch Step 1 Save $5.00 on NICODERM Patch Step 1
• POLYSPORIN Topical Antibiotic Products Save $2.00 off any POLYSPORIN Topical Antibiotic product
• POLYSPORIN Lip Products Save $1.50 off any POLYSPORIN Lip Products
• SPLENDA Sweetener product Save $1.00 on any SPLENDA Sweetener product
• SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener, Minis Save $1.50 off purchase of SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener, Minis
• Children's TYLENOL or Infant's TYLENOL product Save $3.00 on any Children's TYLENOL or Infant's TYLENOL product
• TYLENOL Extra Strength (100ct and higher) Save $3.00 on TYLENOL Extra Strength (100ct and higher) Extra Strength TYLENOL Body Pain Night (40ct) Save $5.00 on Extra Strength TYLENOL Body Pain Night (40ct)-Extra Strength TYLENOL Cold & Sinus Daytime/Nighttime Save $3.00 on any Extra Strength
• TYLENOL Cold & Sinus product (Daytime 20s, Day/Night 20s, Daytime 50s, Daytime 80s)
• TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough & Flu product Save $3.00 on any TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough & Flu product
• TYLENOL Ultra Relief Tough on Headaches (80ct and 120ct) Save $3.00 off on TYLENOL Ultra Relief Tough on Headaches (80ct and 120ct)
• TYLENOL Regular Strength (120ct) Save $2.00 on TYLENOL® Regular Strength (120ct)
• JOHNSON'S Baby Save $1.00 off any JOHNSON'S® Baby product
• LISTERINE Mouthwash Save $1.00 off any LISTERINE® product
• LUBRIDERM Save $1.00 off any LUBRIDERM product
• REACTINE Save $3.00 on any REACTINE product
• VISINE Save $1.00 off any VISINE 15mL or 30mL product
• Adult BENYLIN All‑In‑One Save $3.00 on BENYLIN Adult All-In-One BENYLIN Extra Strength Mucus & Phlegm excluding 100mL Save $2.00 on any BENYLIN Extra Strength Mucus & Phlegm excluding 100mL
• AVEENO Baby Save $1.00 off any AVEENO Baby product
• AVEENO Body Lotions and Body Wash Save $1.00 off AVEENO  Daily Moisturizing Lotion & Wash (excludes SPF 15 lotion)
• NEUTROGENA Facial Moisturizers or Cleansers Save $3.00 off any NEUTROGENA Facial Moisturizers or Cleanser product
• TYLENOL Arthritis Pain Save $2 TYLENOL  Arthritis Pain (100ct or 170ct)
• TYLENOL Back Pain product Save $5.00 off on TYLENOL Back Pain product
• TYLENOL Muscle Aches and Body Pain product of 72 count or higher- Save $3 off any TYLENOL Muscle Aches and Body Pain product of 72 count or higher
• CAREFREE, STAYFREE or o.b. Save $1.00 off any CAREFREE, STAYFREE or o.b.product

Click Here to Print Your Coupons!

Guest Post: What is a Coupon Train?

Hey everyone!
My friends over at have a very interesting article on Coupon Trains!

''What Is A Coupon Train and How Can You Join One
Do you collect coupons? You’re not alone – there’s a big community of collectors out there who are constantly on the hunt for ways to trim their monthly expenses. Of course, if you dive deep enough into this hobby, you’re sure to end up with more than you can actually use. That’s where coupon trains come in.
Let’s assume that you have a few extra coupons for a great product that you happen to already be stocked up on. Wouldn’t it be great to trade these with someone else who has extras of a particular coupon that you might want? Promoted and organized through online forums, a coupon train is a unique way to get the coupons you want.
How It Works
A train is started by gathering roughly 100 coupons that will not be used, and then posting the information on a forum Coupon Clipping. “Riders” can then respond to this post with their mailing address and interest in joining. They can also submit a wish list of any coupons they are particularly looking to acquiring.
Once the train has enough riders (typically 3-6), the leader or the “conductor” types out the list of names, mailing addresses and wish lists in a specific order that this train should follow. The conductor then puts the list and the 100 coupons into an envelope and mails it to the first rider on the mailing list.
When the first rider receives the envelope, the desired coupons are removed and the expired ones are discarded. The only stipulation is that whatever amount of coupons that are removed, the same amount needs to be put back. A responsible rider should pay attention to the wish list, and try to share coupons that are in particular demand wherever possible.
Once the rider is finished, the topped-up envelope and the wish list are sent to the next rider on the list. The train carries on like this until it circles back to the conductor. It can even start back up again afterwards if everyone is in agreance for it to continue. 
Where To Catch The Train
Joining a coupon train is easy – simply search for an online coupon train forum that you like, then look for posts from people starting new trains. Some will focus on a particular range of products, or have rules about things like how many coupons each rider should contribute.
Once you find a train that suits you, simply send a message to the train leader with your contact information and state your interest in joining.
Coupon Train Etiquette
In addition to restocking the envelope with at least as many coupons as you take, there are a few other general rules one should follow. First, remember that time is of the essence as coupons typically have expiration dates. Once you receive an envelope, take what you want, then refill it and send it to the next rider as soon as possible to keep the train rolling. Related to this, try not to add a bunch of coupons that are at or near their expiration dates.
Second, be thorough about checking the envelope weight and paying correctpostage. Envelopes can be delayed or returned for insufficient postage, and this can completely derail the train. Finally, avoid adding several duplicate coupons when refilling the envelope. Two or three of the same coupon is about as many as you should add.
No matter what though, don’t forget to have fun with coupon trains!
Erin Kerr
Daily on the hunt for great deals and exclusive store coupon codes, Erin also regularly posts on her Bargains Blog located on Be sure to drop by and chat with her!"

Want to be featured on A Crazy Couponer, Deal
Click Here and shoot us an email!

Yummy Smooth Strawberry Banana Smoothie- Recipe

Hey everyone.
Who doesn't love a yummy nutritious Smoothie?
Here's my recipe for a Yummy Smooth Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

1 Cup of Frozen Strawberries
A couple of Ice cubes
1 Banana
1 Drinkable Iogo yogurt (or other brand)

Put Frozen Strawberries in cup of warm water to soften (for a few minutes)
Blend Banana and ice cubes in blender
Add Strawberries, blend.
Add Yogurt, blend.

Swagbucks Canada: Earn Swagbucks with Coupons!

Hey Everyone!
Great News,
Swagbucks has now introduced a great way to earn swagbucks!
You can now earn 1 Swagbuck for every Canadian Coupon you Print!

Click Here to Print your coupons!
1 Swag Buck per print. Limit 12 Swag Bucks a month per user. 
Available only in Canada. 
Excessive printing without redemption may result in loss of Swag bucks and even account deactivation. 
May take up to 12 weeks after redemption for Swag Bucks to show in your account.

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Amazing Deal! Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser for only $1!!!

Hey everyone!
This is an AMAZING Deal! has the Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser on sale for $1!!!!
Only $1! Wow!

The soap refill is sold seperately, but you can pick one of those up for $3-4 at walmart.
Then you can refill it for FREE, using my easy how to.

Click Here to Buy for $1!
Shipping is free over $25 or $2.99

Watch My How to Refill your dispenser yourself here:

Shopping Deals! Cheap Bread, CHEAP Iogo, Cheap Popcorn!

Hey everyone!
After work I went and picked up some MUCH needed groceries.
I managed to score some great deals.

Food Basics:

10 x Iogo Drink yogurt Reg $0.99 Sale $0.79- (10)$0.75 coupons (tearpads)= $0.40 or $0.04 each!
(BTW I did not clear any tear pads, I got these coupons from 2 different grocery stores)
2 x Dempsters Tortillas Reg 3.49 Sale $2.50- (2) $1 coupons (booklet)= $3 or $1.50 each
1 x Smart 16 bread $2.89- $0.75 coupon (websaver)= $2.14
1 x Dempsters Bread $2.69- $1 coupon (websaver)= $1.69
1 x Orville Popcorn Reg $4.49 Sale $2.99- $2 coupon (pop box)= $0.99 + it comes with a $5 hasbro coupon
4 x Sidekicks Reg $1.69 Sale $1.50- B3G1 Free coupon (tearpad)= $4.50 or $1.12 each

Total before Sales and Coupons= $33.71
Total after Sales and Coupons= $12.72
Total Savings: $20.99!!

Talize 50% off Sale Monday November 12, 2012!

Hey everyone,

Do you love to thrift shop? Well Talize is the place to go!
They are having their famous 50% off sale Monday November 12 2012
Most stores open at 7am.
I love this sale!

Click Here to Find a Talize near you!

New Coupons: Save $1 on Cool Whip, Save $0.50 on Jello!

Hey everyone! has some great new printable coupons available.

Save $1 on Cool Whip
Save $0.50 on any two Jello Packages or on One Baker's Bar

Click the above links to print your coupons!

Save $3 on Oasis Products- Booklet

Hey everyone! has a great new Oasis Booklet of Coupons available!

Save $3 on Oasis Products:
  • Save $0.75 on Oasis Nutrisource
  • Save $0.75 on any Oasis Juice (8 x 200ml/ 5 x 200ml)
  • Save $0.75 on Oasis Smoothie
  • Save $0.75 on Oasis Juice 1.75L
Note: You have to order 3 different coupons to process your order on

Wagjag: $15 for Women's Beauty Package! $25 Value- FREE Shipping!

Good Morning Everyone!
Wagjag has a great new offer available for Women!

$15 for a Women's Beauty Basics Bundle!- $25 value

Package Includes:

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor (1 razor)
Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel Sensitive Skin (198 g)
CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Blasting Washable Mascara - Very Black (1 tube)
Always & Tampax Radiant Sample (1 pad, 4 liners, 2 tampons)
Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips (1 upper and 1 lower strip)
Swiffer 360 Degree Duster Sample (1 duster)
Cascade All-in-1 Dishwasher Detergent Pacs Sample (2 pacs)
Dawn Original Scent Ultra-Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid Sample (9 mL)
Crest Pro-Health Clinical Sensitivity Smooth Mint Sample (20 mL)

Shipping Included!

Use your Monthly $10 Telus credit to get this package for only $5!!

Click here to get your package!!

Shopping Deals! Free Lysol, FREE Skintimate, Almost Free Yogurt, Cheap Veggies & Cheese!

Good evening everyone!
I decided to do a little shopping tonight as my other half is out at his dodgeball game.

I hit up walmart and no frills and here are my deals!

4 x Arctic Gardens Veggies Reg $8.97 (OMG) PM No frills $4.44- (4) $1 coupons (mailouts)=$13.76 or $3.44 each
1 x Skintimate Shave Gel $2.46- $3 coupon (shoppers voice)= +0.54 overage
1 x Palmolive Dish soap $1- $1 coupon (call in)= FREE
1 x Lysol No touch soap dispenser $9.87- MIR= FREE

No Frills:
3 x Black Diamond Cheese Reg 5.99 Sale $2.47- (3) $0.75 coupons (booklet)= $5.16 or $1.72 each
4 x Iogo Drinkable Yogurt $1.19- (4) $1 Coupons (coupon zone)= $0.76 or $0.19 each!

Total Before Savings and Coupons: $71.94
Total Spent: $19.14
Total Savings: $52.80!

Mac's Stores: FREE Quaker Oatmeal with Tropicana purchase!

Hey everyone!
Mac's Stores are giving away a great new BOGO coupon.

Buy One 355ml Bottle of Tropicana, get a Oatmeal cup FREE!
at participating Mac's Stores.

Click the above link to get yours!

Freebies Received: Free Razor, Cascade, Dawn, Liberte, Jergens, Natrel!

Woah! It's been a great week for freebies!

Cascade + Dawn Sample + Coupons (facebook)
ProGlide Razor + $4 coupon (facebook)

FREE Liberte Greek Yogurt (facebook)
2 x FPC for FREE Natrel Milk (from survey)

Jergens Moisturizer + $1.50 coupon

What did you get in the mail this week?

Save $1 on any Smart Ones Frozen Products- Printable

Good Morning!
Eat Your Best Canada has a great new PRINTABLE coupon available.

Save $1 on any Smart Ones Frozen Products

Click the above link to print yours.

Save up to $8 on Nivea Products- Printable and Mail to home

Hey everyone, has some new Nivea coupons available!

Save $3 on Nivea Body
Save $5 on Nivea Visage Q10 plus Anti Wrinkle

These are either Mail to Home or Printable!

Click Here to Get yours!