Recycle Bin Walk! Orville, Finish and Smartsource!

Hey everyone!
Was going to post this yesterday but life had a way of getting in the way of blogging.. LOL
So on Sunday night I wasn't feeling so hot so I decided to get some air and went on a recycle bin walk.
I wanted to get my hands on the Newest Smartsource insert because a lot of the coupons in it don't have size restrictions! yay! Only I heard that the insert didn't come in the free papers this week, only the paid papers.
So I was able to score some from the Toronto Star.

Here's how I did:

$2 off Orville Redenbacher popcorn- from Pop case
4 x Smartsource Coupon Inserts
$4 worth of Finish Coupons- From a sample bag
$1 off Frozen Food Product- A brand i've never heard of lol
Silk FREE Kashi coupon offer- Was able to get the Kashi FPC

That's about it unfortunately!
It was raining pretty hard so I didn't stay out as long as I usually do.
Do you Recycle Bin Walk?


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