Cheap Toilet Paper! Love it

Lol, My cat DeeDee making a Cameo

Hey everyone!
So I had a very busy weekend, having to work all weekend, but I REALLY REALLY wanted to take advantage of the CHEAP Toilet Paper at SDM for the Sunday-Monday sale.
In case you didn't know, SDM has Royale 12 double/24 single roll on sale for $3.99!
Use your $1 off any Royale 12-24 roll pack and get each pack for $2.99.

Now I came home from work to a GREAT surprise, my bf went out and got me my cheap toilet paper AND used my coupons!! :)

Does anyone in your family coupon for you or with you?
I love converting couponers!


lolodie said...

yes i did pick up some and husband does used coupons as well

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