Weston Bakery Outlet Deals! Cheap Bread!

Hey everyone!
Have you ever considered purchasing your breads at a bakery outlet store?
Well if your lucky enough to live in the GTA , there is a great Bakery Outlet available in Etobicoke where you can get HUGE discounts on Bread and Bakery products.

Today we decided to hit up the bakery to score some great bread deals since we have a big chest freezer that we can freeze the bread so it lasts longer.

Here's what we got:

3 x Wonder plus bread Reg approx $2.49 
What we paid: $0.95 per loaf!- Total: $2.85

1 x Old Mill Bagels reg approx $1.99
What we paid $0.25!

1 x D'Italiano whole wheat buns Reg approx $2.99
What we paid $1.59!

1 x Chocolate Cake Reg approx $1.99
What we paid $0.49!

1 x Teddy Bear cookies Reg approx $2.49
What we paid $0.99!

Total before savings: $16.93
Total Paid: $6.17
Total savings: $10.46

If your interested in visiting this bakery outlet here's the address:

Weston Bakery
1425 The Queensway,
  • Etobicoke ON,
    M8Z 1T3


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