Midweek shopping savings! FREE Nestea, FREE Glade, FREE O.B

Hey everyone,
After a morning of cleaning my kitchen (it`s sparkling!),
My friend and I decided to catch up over lunch and some shopping! (using my gift cards of course ;) )

A new Panera Bread location opened up nearby and as a welcome offer they provided nearby malls with coupons for a FREE $10 gift card when you buy a combo. ( I work in a mall )
So we went there for lunch, I spent $11, and received a $10 gift card for my next visit! :)

After lunch we went to Walmart where I was able to pick up some FREE stuff using coupons.

I got:
2 x O.B. tampons $1.97- $2 (J&J call in)= FREE
1 x Glade expressions $4.97- FPC= FREE
1 x Nestea green tea $3.97-FPC= FREE + An FPC on the box!

Total OOP: $0.85

Then we headed over to Chapter`s where I picked up a Stephen King novel I didn`t have. 
My friend has the irewards card so I was able to knock $2 off my total , leaving $10 on my giftcard :)

Then we hit up Starbucks and got some drinks. I used another gift card, only having to pay $2 OOP.

Afterwards we decided to hit up Bath & Body Works because yes I had another gift card! haha and also was emailed a 20% off your entire purchase coupon.

Did you know you can show coupons for B&BW`s on your phone?
I got 3 bottles of body lotion for $10- 20%= $7.99 + taxes. I love that store!

Finally we went to a movie where I paid for my admission with a FREE movie pass (from icoke)
and got our snacks using yet another gift card, of course saving 10% for being a scene member.
I then won 100 scene points just for playing Timeplay, a Cineplex exclusive game for the iphone/smartphone!

So for a nice day out with a girlfriend, I spent $2.85 OOP :)


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