Shopping Deals! Free Nestea, cheap Cheerios and Cheap OJ!

Hey everyone!
Made a quick trip over to metro with a $5 bill to see if I could get everything I wanted, under $5!


2 x Honey Nut Cheerios Reg. $3.99, Sale $1.99- (2) $1 coupon (websaver)= $0.99 each
4 x Oasis Orange Juice Reg $3.99, Sale $1.99- (4) $1.25 coupons (allens juice can)= $0.74 each
1 x Nestea Green Tea $5.99- FPC= FREE + Comes with FPC

Total: $4.94
Regular prices: $29.93
Savings: $24.99


Anonymous said...

Nestea has a green tea with lemon!!!!????? I've been looking all over for the Lipton green tea with citrus!!!!!! If I could find this I'd be a happy girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Nestea FPC:)

c_mcarthur said...

Yes the green tea with lemon is really yummy! :)

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