Shopping Deals! Free Eggos, Cheap Juice!

Hey everyone,
Did a essential grocery shop this evening and got a few deals.
Unfortunately both Food Basics and Freshco were sold out of the Oasis Orange Juice :(

Food Basics:
1 x Glade Expressions $4.49- FPC (websaver)= FREE
1 x Eggos $1.99- FPC (SYB)= FREE
4 x Sidekicks $1.77 - B3G1 Free (tearpad)= $5.31 or $1.32 each
15 x Minute Maid Frozen Juice $0.44 - B4G1 Free= $5.28 or $0.35 each
(So wish I had more of the $1wub2 tearpads )

Total Savings: $9.63


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