Shopping Deals! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Nestea!

Hey everyone,
Hope you all saw my previous post so you can get in on the Nestea Deal too!

No frills has cases of Nestea on for $2.88.
I bought 1 and went and cut out the coupon in the car, redeemed for another case.
I then cut that coupon out in the car and did the same thing.
In total I ''Paid'' for 1 case and got 9 cases free!
PLUS tax is included in the fpc!
Luckily here in Ontario we don't have to pay the deposit fee that some provinces have to pay when purchasing soft drinks.

Breaking it down in math:

$2.88 divided by 10 cases = $0.28 a case or
$2.88 divided by 120 cans= $0.02 a can

This is the greatest deal i've ever seen on pop!
No I did not clear shelves, they had skids and skids of the Nestea.
and I do plan on bringing some to a family BBQ this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this creative discount solution! RC

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