O-M-G Recycle Walk Heaven!!!


I went on a recycle walk tonight, even tho I'm super tired.
My free subscription with toronto star is up so I'm back to getting coupon inserts the old fashion way!

I got:
28 x Redplum coupon inserts
29 x Smartsource coupon inserts
3 x stouffers pins
3 x icoke pins
2 x BOGO free admission cineplex
1 x FPC Wonderplus invisibles---------- I didn't even know this one existed!

So a little back story as to WHY I managed to get so many inserts.
A Person who lives near me delivers the Mississauga News, now either they get sent waaaay too many papers than they need, OR we have a very lazy newspaper carrier! I found 1 bag FULL of 50 Bundles of Newspapers still with the plastic straps on them!
I Certainly hope its that they are sent too many and 50 people aren't out their flyer or inserts

And yes I will be giving some of the inserts away!

Do you recycle bin walk?


Jen Giroux said...

That's awesome! Great score!

Kayla said...

I wish I could do that, we don't have recycle bins in Moncton, they use green and blue garbage bags to separate the garbage from the recycling but most of the time people do use that method. Any other suggestions on how I cna get extra inserts?

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