How to WIN CONTESTS! (Guest Article)

Hey everyone,
Do you LOVE to enter contests?
Do you wish you could win more contests more often?
Well your in luck, a very good friend of mine, Maria who is a CRAZY contest lover wrote a guest article on her theory on HOW you can WIN more Contests!

Movie passes, concert tickets, Blue Mountain weekend package, Heinz products for a year are just a few prizes I’ve won over the years.
I guess you could say I enjoy entering contests, I’ve entered thousands more than I’ve ever won but nevertheless, I’ve won quite a few and most people consider me very lucky!

Some other contest prizes I’ve won over the years are:
Molson Canadian Can Stereo
Concert Tickets
Hotel, Limo, Dinner packages
Gift baskets (Stag Shop, Disney)
Dining Coupons
and so many more that I’ve honestly lost track!

What is the trick you ask? Are there any tips to winning? I would say nothing in particular can guarantee that you’ll be a winner, but here are a few contest tips I recommend:

  • Always read the rules and conditions even thought it can be pain, it would definitely save you time in the end if you know which regions the contests are open to.
  • Enter local contests more often because your odds are much better than a country wide contest.
  • I believe you actually have a better chance of winning a contest that asks for an essay or a picture upload because most people don’t have the time, or can’t be bothered.
  • Be sure to check if you can enter the contests daily, weekly, etc. The more entries, the better your chance. And make sure to favourite websites and document the actual day you entered.
  • Enter contests that have a grand prize and multiple runner ups because your chances are that much better. I’ve won many runner up prizes over the years.
  • When entering a contest always select to sign up for emails from the company, you’ll get daily emails from them, and that way you can be the first to find out about new offers and contests.
  • Enter contests at the same time each day to keep entries consistent and it can make it easier to keep track of when you enter contests.
  • Keep radio station phone numbers on speed dial for easy dialing when entering contests.

  • Enter often, enter daily, and keep a favourites file. Keep it updated, delete old ones and visit sites that have current contests listed so it saves you time to search for new ones. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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    Wow, what a fantastic article!! Very well written and loads of information...

    TakeItOffCanada said...

    Great Article! Winning is one of the best things of all it does take some time and but eventually will pay off!
    Thanks for the Tips! :)

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