How to Save Money on Kid's Parties! (Guest post by Bargainmoose)

Hey everyone, today, we've got a guest post from Anna, who owns the Canadian deals community, There, you can find promo codes, freebies, shopping deals and more, with the target of saving you some loonies on your everyday purchases. In this article, Anna is going to be sharing some tips on how to have kids parties on a budget. 

Kids Parties On A Budget
Kid's parties should be fun, fun, fun, but they don't have to break the bank! You don't need to spend a fortune for the kids to have a great day, so here are some frugal tips for keeping the party costs to a minimum. 

1. Set a budget
This might sound like the most simple advice in the world, but you've got to agree that it makes sense - set a budget and stick to it! It can be all too tempting to buy that extra set of In the Night Garden paper cups, or another pack of Cars branded plates, but they're really not necessary. Don't be spending hundreds of dollars on this one day - the birthday girl or boy will be having so much fun that they've got no idea about the price tag. 

2. Coupon hunt
Sign up to email newsletters of some of the big brand stores a few months before the party. These stores can email you discounts and deals, for the things you're planning on buying anyway. E.g. If you join on the Party Packagers mailing list, you instantly get a coupon for a 10% discount on your next purchase. Be savvy, find out the stores you're likely to buy from, and find those coupons! Cost = Free 

3. Choose an inexpensive location
You don't have to hire a function room or treat all the party-goers to a McDonalds happy meal - parks or back yards are just as much fun! Cost = Free 

4. Hand-craft your invites
If you're already into arts and crafts, it's likely you've got all the materials for hand-made invites, in your home. It's great to make these invites yourself, even with the help of the birthday girl or boy. Alternatively, have a google for some free templates which you can print out and jazz up by colouring or painting. Cost = Free 

5. Choose your guests
You don't need to invite everyone in the neighbourhood, or every single student in the kid's class at school. A good way to keep costs down is to keep the numbers down, if you can do so without offense. If you're only inviting a select few kids, make sure you don't give out the invites in public - it's tactful to do so in private. 

6. Ration (!) the food
The food is probably one of the most expensive items for the kids party, but think about it carefully. Who do you plan on feeding? If you make it clear that you're feeding only the kids, you can make do with inexpensive treats like burgers and hot dogs, followed by candy and cakes. If you're feeding the parents too, you're probably going to be spending a lot more on food that you really don't need to! Just make it clear on the party invitations who you will actually be feeding. Cost = $ As much as you want 

7. Bulk buy your drinks
Giving out individual cartons or bottles of juice is the most expensive way to keep the kids hydrated, so avoid that if you can. The cheapest way is to serve the juice or soda from large bottles, ideally ones you've purchase on special offer, weeks in advance! Cost = $10 max
 8. Consider cupcakes Cupcakes are all the rage lately, so why not consider baking a batch of these, instead of an expensive birthday cake from the store? If you have all the equipment for baking, such as the cupcake cases, trays and ingredients, you should be able to bake a batch of cupcakes for a couple of dollars. Coloured butter icing is an inexpensive but stunning way to finish off the top. Then, each child at the party will get their own birthday cake. :) Cost = $10 on supplies 

9. Have a treasure hunt
You don't need to hire clowns or jugglers, kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves with the help of some directed play. A great idea is to make a treasure map of the house and garden with clues leading to the treasure. The difficulty of the clues will depend on the age level of your audience. Cost = $5 on the prize (if even)

I could probably write thousands of words on this topic, having been involved in many birthday parties for nephews and nieces over the years, and now ones for my own daughter. But we'll leave it here. What are your tips for partying on a budget?

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