How to get FREE Ice for your picnic cooler!

Hey everyone!
Do you love to picnic? Do you love to hang out at the beach?
We all love packing a picnic lunch, but there's one little thing that most people seem to not think about until the day of...... ICE!
Why spend $3-5 on a bag of ice when you can MAKE Ice for free!
Yes, Make!

Here's my little tip:
The night before,
Grab every plastic food container you have, fill it up with tap water (it's just ice so you don't have to worry about it tasting great).
Stick the containers in your freezer.. if you have a chest freezer, even better!
By the time your ready to go the next morning your ice is done.

What is such a simple little tip can really save you big $$$$ if you picnic alot during the hot summer months.

Hope everyone has a GREAT summer :)


Tracy said...

I do this lol people think I am nuts but why pay when you can make it for free.

c_mcarthur said...

I totally agree! everyone laughs but I'm the one laughing to the bank :P

Christine Weadick said...

I've done that with ziplock bags when my hubby was going camping. Takes two to three days to freeze solid but it keeps his coolers cool and then he has water for cooking when they thaw. For camping trips |I also freeze the food, especially the meat, he'll have two coolers... one for that days use and one for everything else. That way he only goes into one of them once a day to pull out that days food and puts in the other cooler. This way only one cooler is getting opened regularly and the other stays very cold as it isn't opened constantly.. He can go 4-5 days with out buying anything else .....

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