How to Save Money on Kid's Parties! (Guest post by Bargainmoose)

Hey everyone, today, we've got a guest post from Anna, who owns the Canadian deals community, There, you can find promo codes, freebies, shopping deals and more, with the target of saving you some loonies on your everyday purchases. In this article, Anna is going to be sharing some tips on how to have kids parties on a budget. 

Kids Parties On A Budget
Kid's parties should be fun, fun, fun, but they don't have to break the bank! You don't need to spend a fortune for the kids to have a great day, so here are some frugal tips for keeping the party costs to a minimum. 

1. Set a budget
This might sound like the most simple advice in the world, but you've got to agree that it makes sense - set a budget and stick to it! It can be all too tempting to buy that extra set of In the Night Garden paper cups, or another pack of Cars branded plates, but they're really not necessary. Don't be spending hundreds of dollars on this one day - the birthday girl or boy will be having so much fun that they've got no idea about the price tag. 

2. Coupon hunt
Sign up to email newsletters of some of the big brand stores a few months before the party. These stores can email you discounts and deals, for the things you're planning on buying anyway. E.g. If you join on the Party Packagers mailing list, you instantly get a coupon for a 10% discount on your next purchase. Be savvy, find out the stores you're likely to buy from, and find those coupons! Cost = Free 

3. Choose an inexpensive location
You don't have to hire a function room or treat all the party-goers to a McDonalds happy meal - parks or back yards are just as much fun! Cost = Free 

4. Hand-craft your invites
If you're already into arts and crafts, it's likely you've got all the materials for hand-made invites, in your home. It's great to make these invites yourself, even with the help of the birthday girl or boy. Alternatively, have a google for some free templates which you can print out and jazz up by colouring or painting. Cost = Free 

5. Choose your guests
You don't need to invite everyone in the neighbourhood, or every single student in the kid's class at school. A good way to keep costs down is to keep the numbers down, if you can do so without offense. If you're only inviting a select few kids, make sure you don't give out the invites in public - it's tactful to do so in private. 

6. Ration (!) the food
The food is probably one of the most expensive items for the kids party, but think about it carefully. Who do you plan on feeding? If you make it clear that you're feeding only the kids, you can make do with inexpensive treats like burgers and hot dogs, followed by candy and cakes. If you're feeding the parents too, you're probably going to be spending a lot more on food that you really don't need to! Just make it clear on the party invitations who you will actually be feeding. Cost = $ As much as you want 

7. Bulk buy your drinks
Giving out individual cartons or bottles of juice is the most expensive way to keep the kids hydrated, so avoid that if you can. The cheapest way is to serve the juice or soda from large bottles, ideally ones you've purchase on special offer, weeks in advance! Cost = $10 max
 8. Consider cupcakes Cupcakes are all the rage lately, so why not consider baking a batch of these, instead of an expensive birthday cake from the store? If you have all the equipment for baking, such as the cupcake cases, trays and ingredients, you should be able to bake a batch of cupcakes for a couple of dollars. Coloured butter icing is an inexpensive but stunning way to finish off the top. Then, each child at the party will get their own birthday cake. :) Cost = $10 on supplies 

9. Have a treasure hunt
You don't need to hire clowns or jugglers, kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves with the help of some directed play. A great idea is to make a treasure map of the house and garden with clues leading to the treasure. The difficulty of the clues will depend on the age level of your audience. Cost = $5 on the prize (if even)

I could probably write thousands of words on this topic, having been involved in many birthday parties for nephews and nieces over the years, and now ones for my own daughter. But we'll leave it here. What are your tips for partying on a budget?

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How to Properly Mail Coupons in Canada!

Hey everyone!
A lot a people have issues trading coupons via mail.
Some complaints range from not enough postage, incomplete or incorrect address, not receiving promptly, to just not receiving at all!
Well did you know that there is a proper way you're supposed to address mail?

Here's how Canada Post says you should be addressing your envies:

Canadian addresses
Canadian addressing example
  1. Put information such as title, floor, etc. above the street address
  2. Put a hyphen between unit/suite/apt number and the street number.
  3. Put the city, province and Postal Code on 1 line.
  4. Put 2 spaces between the Postal Code and the province.

Return addresses

Format the return address the same way as the destination address and place it in the top left corner of the envelope or parcel OR on the back of the item at the top.

I personally feel like pulling my hair out when envies go missing and trades go uncompleted.
Hopefully this helps everyone in wondering why mail they send ends up going missing!

New Coupon: BOGO FREE Peek Freans!

Hey everyone!
Peek Freans Lifestyle selections is giving away BOGO coupons on their facebook fan page!

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Recycle Bin Walk! P&G, Smartsource, Pins and Bogos galore!

Hey everyone,
Did a quick recycle walk tonight, was hoping for the Nestea FPCs, but didn't find any, maybe next week :)
I got lot's of goodies instead!

13 x Smartsource coupon inserts
6 x P&G coupon inserts
2 x $2 Orville Redenbacher coupons
1 x SYB FREE Breakfast item pin
1 x BOGO Cineplex ticket
1 x Cheer Gear free shirt pin- (which was already used :( )

and LOT'S of exercise! lol

Shopping Deals! Free Nestea, cheap Cheerios and Cheap OJ!

Hey everyone!
Made a quick trip over to metro with a $5 bill to see if I could get everything I wanted, under $5!


2 x Honey Nut Cheerios Reg. $3.99, Sale $1.99- (2) $1 coupon (websaver)= $0.99 each
4 x Oasis Orange Juice Reg $3.99, Sale $1.99- (4) $1.25 coupons (allens juice can)= $0.74 each
1 x Nestea Green Tea $5.99- FPC= FREE + Comes with FPC

Total: $4.94
Regular prices: $29.93
Savings: $24.99

Freebies Received! Free Claritin and Advil Nighttime!

Hey everyone!
Here is my weekly Freebies Received post:

Tuesday: Free samples of Claritin

Thursday: 2 Free samples of Advil Nighttime + $4 coupon (with no size restriction! Yay!)

And that's all for this week! lol what did you get in the mail this week?

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CNE Early Bird Special on NOW! Buy before August 17th!

Hey everyone!
Is going to the CNE- Canadian National Exhibition part of your wrap up of summer tradition?
My family has been going for years! It's always a great way to spend the end of summer.

The CNE Early Bird Special is now on sale, buy your tickets before August 17th 2012 to get in on the discount!

Ride All Day Pass - $36- (save $16)
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Beginning today, these discounted CNE tickets are also available through GO Transit at Union Station, as well as stations on the following lines: Barrie, Kitchener, Lakeshore, Milton and Richmond Hill."

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New P&G Beauty & Grooming Sampler- Coming soon!

Hey everyone, 
P&G are releasing a new Beauty & Grooming sampler soon!
Their website says to keep checking back, but of course we'll let you know as soon as it goes live :)

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New P&G Brandsaver coupons! $140 worth!

Hey everyone!
P&G Brandsaver just released $140 worth of NEW coupons on their website!
This is a great way to get the newest brandsaver coupons if you don't receive the paper insert in your newspapers.

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New P&G Coupon Insert! Sneak Peak $136 in savings!

Hey everyone!
My friends over at Smartcanucks posted a sneak peek of the newest P&G Brandsaver coupon insert that comes out July 28th!

Note: All coupons have the restrictive wording:
"Not applicable on trial size, travel size, special pack and bonus packs."
- $1.00 off ONE Secret clinical Antiperspirant/deodorant
- $1.50 off any Pantene shampoo, conditioner or 2 in 1 product
- $2.00 off any Olay Base facial cleanser, Classic, complete or age defing lotions
- $4.00 off Olay Total Effects, Olay Regenerist, Pro-X or facial hair removal product
- $3.00 WUB 2 Olay body wash or body lotion products
- $2.50 off any Nice 'n Easy hair colour product
- $6.00 WUB 2 Nice 'n Easy hair colour products
- $1.50 off any Head & Shoulders product
- $1.50 off any Natural Instincts hair colour product
- $4.50 WUB 2 Natural Instincts hair colour products
- $0.50 off any Herbal Essences product
- $0.50 off any Aussie product
- $0.50 off any Always Ultra Thin or Maxi, Always Pantiliners or Tampax cardboard applicator tampons
- $1.00 off any Always Infinity, Radiant Infinity, Tampax Perl, Tampax Compax Pearl or Radiant tampons
- $5.00 WUB 1 Venus razor AND Venus cartridge together
- $2.00 off any venus razor OR Venus disposable razor
- $1.50 WUB 2 Mr. Clean Liquid, spray or Magic Eraser
- $0.50 Any Mr. Clean Liquid, spray or Magic Eraser
- $1.50 off any Cascade ActionPacs
- $1.00 off any Cascade Rinse Aid (901ml)
- $1.00 WUB Durcell Coppertop or Ultra Power Batteries
- $2.00 off any Duracell NiMH Recharagble or Hearing Aid batteries
- $4.00 off any Duracell NiMH charger
- Buy any Gillette ProGlide cartridge and save $5 on a ProGlide razor
- $2.00 WUB any Gillette ProGlide Styler
- $1.00 WUB any Gillette 3-bladed razor
- Buy any Bellette Mach3 cartridge and save $2 on any Gillette Series shave prep
- $1.00 off any Gillette anti-perspirant/deodorant or bodywash
- $1.00 WUB any Gillette Fusion shaving gel or ProSeries skin care product
- $0.75 off Crest 3D White Multi-car Whitening rinse
- $3.00 off any Oral-B battery brush
- Mail-in Rebate - Save $20 on One Oral-B Pulsonic or Professional Rechargable toothbrush
Start date: 28 July 2012 Offer expires: 30 September 2012
- $8.00 WUB any Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects or 2 Hour Express
- $0.75 off any Crest 3D White paste
- $1.00 WUB any Oral-B Pro-Health CrossAction or Pro-Health Clinical brush
- $0.75 WUB any Crest Pro-Health paste
- $3.00 WUB any size Iams dry dog food (3.5lbs or larger)
- $0.50 WUB any Iams wet dog or cat food
- $3.00 WUB any size Iams dry cat food (3.5lbs or larger)
- $5.00 on a Swiffer WetJet 1.25L Solution, WetJet pad 12ct, SweeperWet 12ct or Sweeper Dry 16ct refil WUB a Swiffer SweeperVac OR WetJet starter kit OR a Swiffer Sweeper starter kit
- $5.00 WUB any Swiffer WetJet starter kit
- $2.00 WUB any Swiffer Sweeper starter kit OR Swiffer Sweeper refills
- $1.50 WUB any Swiffer Dusters starter kit (excluding 1ct), Swiffer Dusters refills OR Swiffer Dust & shine
- $2.00 WUB 2 Gain products
- $0.50 WUB 1 Gain product
- $2.50 WUB 2 709ml Ivory Body wash or Ivory 10 Bar pack
- $1.50 WUB 1 354ml Ivory Body wash or Ivory 6 Bar pack
- $1.25 WUB 2 different brands: Bounty paper towels or napkins (excluding single roll), Charmin tolet paper (6 double rolls or more) or Puffs facial tissue (50 sheets or more)
- $0.50 WUB 1 Bounty paper towels or napkins (excluding single roll)
- $0.50 WUB 1 Charmin tolet paper (6 double rolls or more)
- $0.50 WUB 1 Puffs facial tissue (50 sheet or more)
- FREE buy 3 of any Cascade, Dawn, Mr. Clean, Febreze or Swiffer and get a Febreze Set & Refresh starter kit
- $3.00 WUB 2 Febreze products
- $2.00 WUB 2 Mr. Clean or Swiffer products
- $1.00 WUB 2 Dawn
- FREE buy any Febreze Fabric Refresher (800ml) and get 1 Febreze Car Vent clip (1 ct) Free
- $3.00 WUB 2 Febreze products
- $1.00 WUB 1 Febreze Fabric Refresher (500ml)
- $1.00 WUB 1 Febreze Set & Refresh or Febreze Car vent clip (1 ct)
- $2.00 WUB 1 Downy Unstoppables
- $1.00 WUB 1 Tide liquid or powder laundry detergent (excluding tide 6-load trial size and Tide Pods
- $1.00 WUB 1 Downy product
- $0.50 WUB 1 Tide Stain Release or Tide Washing Machine cleaner
- $4.00 WUB 1 Pampers Swaddlers, Swaddlers Sensitive or Baby-Dry and on Pamper Cruisers
- $2.50 WUB any Pampers diapers or pants AND wipes
- $2.00 WUB 1 Pampers diapers or pants
- $3.00 WUB 2 Covergirl products
You can find the Coupon inserts in most free local papers.
For example, my insert comes in the Mississauga News.

Bulk Barn Save $3 when you spend $10- Printable

Good morning everyone,
Bulk Barn has a great new printable offer available.

Save $3 when you spend $10 or more!
Coupon is valid July 20- August 2nd 2012

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Shopping Deals! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Nestea!

Hey everyone,
Hope you all saw my previous post so you can get in on the Nestea Deal too!

No frills has cases of Nestea on for $2.88.
I bought 1 and went and cut out the coupon in the car, redeemed for another case.
I then cut that coupon out in the car and did the same thing.
In total I ''Paid'' for 1 case and got 9 cases free!
PLUS tax is included in the fpc!
Luckily here in Ontario we don't have to pay the deposit fee that some provinces have to pay when purchasing soft drinks.

Breaking it down in math:

$2.88 divided by 10 cases = $0.28 a case or
$2.88 divided by 120 cans= $0.02 a can

This is the greatest deal i've ever seen on pop!
No I did not clear shelves, they had skids and skids of the Nestea.
and I do plan on bringing some to a family BBQ this afternoon!

How to get ALMOST FREE Nestea! (video)

Hey everyone!
Watch my how -to video below on how to maximize a $2.88 Nestea Pop sale at No frills this week!
It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Here's an example of where you need to cut!

FREE Trident Layers Gum!- facebook

Hey everyone!
Trident Canada on facebook is giving away samples of new Trident Layers Gum!
Choose between two new flavours!
40,000 samples available.

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New Printable Coupon: Save $0.50 on Midol!

Hey everyone!
This coupon is for the ladies,
Midol has a new Printable coupon available.

Save $0.50 on Midol

Valid on Extra Strength PMS Midol® Complete and Extra Strength Menstrual Midol® Complete 32 Caplets

Shopping Deals! Free Eggos, Cheap Juice!

Hey everyone,
Did a essential grocery shop this evening and got a few deals.
Unfortunately both Food Basics and Freshco were sold out of the Oasis Orange Juice :(

Food Basics:
1 x Glade Expressions $4.49- FPC (websaver)= FREE
1 x Eggos $1.99- FPC (SYB)= FREE
4 x Sidekicks $1.77 - B3G1 Free (tearpad)= $5.31 or $1.32 each
15 x Minute Maid Frozen Juice $0.44 - B4G1 Free= $5.28 or $0.35 each
(So wish I had more of the $1wub2 tearpads )

Total Savings: $9.63

How to get FREE Ice for your picnic cooler!

Hey everyone!
Do you love to picnic? Do you love to hang out at the beach?
We all love packing a picnic lunch, but there's one little thing that most people seem to not think about until the day of...... ICE!
Why spend $3-5 on a bag of ice when you can MAKE Ice for free!
Yes, Make!

Here's my little tip:
The night before,
Grab every plastic food container you have, fill it up with tap water (it's just ice so you don't have to worry about it tasting great).
Stick the containers in your freezer.. if you have a chest freezer, even better!
By the time your ready to go the next morning your ice is done.

What is such a simple little tip can really save you big $$$$ if you picnic alot during the hot summer months.

Hope everyone has a GREAT summer :)

Nestle water MIR- $10 Grocery or Gas Giftcard with purchase!

Hey everyone,
There is a great new Mail In Rebate available.
Purchase 5 Nestle Water Products and receive a $10 Grocery or Gas Giftcard!
Participating products are:

Nestle Natural Spring Water:
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  • 12 x 330 ml
  • 12 x 500 ml
  • 12 x 710ml
Nestle Pure Life splash sparkling water:
  • 9 x 330 ml
  • 6 x 500 ml

Offer valid May 14, 2012- August 31, 2012

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New Printable Coupon: $1 off Scott's Towels

Hey everyone!
There is a great new printable coupon available for Scott's Paper Towels.

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Freebies Received: July Recap! Febreze, P&G, Pantene, Gum!

Okay Okay I know! I've been majorly slacking on the freebies received posts I usually do!
I'm sorry! My mail has been so bizarre lately, it's not consistent at all.
SO! Here's a recap of freebies I've received over the past 2 weeks.

July 10- Wagjag Brandsampler! Came with everything you see here, + lot's of coupons!

July 6- Febreze Wagjag sampler: 5 Full sized Febreze products!

July 5th: Downy Unstoppables Sample + $1 coupon 
Free Eggos FPC
$2 off Folger's K Cups

July 3rd- 3 Fullsized Pantene Products from
Got chosen to write a review on these products I got to try for free!

July 16- $1.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Coupon
Up2U Gum + $1 coupon

New Printable Coupon: Save $1 on 10x200ml Minute Maid Juice!

Hey everyone, has a great new printable coupon available.

Save $1 on any 10 x 200ml Minute Maid Juice Product

Click the above link to print yours, remember you're allowed 2 prints per coupon :)

Shopping Deals! Free Resolve , Free Vaseline, Cheap TP

Good Afternoon everyone!
I decided to hit up Walmart today to take advantage of some deals and use up some soon to be expiring coupons.

3 x Resolve $2 - $2 (insert coupons)= FREE
2 x Old spice deodorant $2.87- $2wub2 (from a trade)= $3.74 or $1.87 each
1 x Vaseline Hand Cream $4.27- FPC (Shoppers Voice)= FREE
1 x Charmin16= 32+ double roll tp (PM Freshco) $4.99- $1 coupon= $3.99

Total Savings:

New Printable coupon! Save $2 on RESOLVE or Woolite

Hey everyone! has a great new printable coupon available.

Save $2 on any RESOLVE or Woolite product

Resolve goes on sale for $2 all the time, so you could get some FREE Resolve!
You can print 2 coupons from the printer.

Wagjag Dove Packages! $15.89 OR $19.46

Hey everyone,
If your a big user of Dove Deodorant, than this Wagjag deal is for you!
Wagjag is selling a 4 pack or 6 pack of Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorants for 43% off retail price.

Option 1: $15.89 for a 4-Pack of Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorants (a $28.05 Value)
Option 2: $19.46 for a 6-Pack of Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorants (a $39.33 Value)

4 or 6 x 45 g Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorant - 
Refreshing Waterlily and freshmint scent
Best before dates range from Aug. 2013 to Nov. 2013
24-hour wetness and odour protection
MSRP $4.99/stick
Retail value includes $5.50 shipping charge

Offer Details
This product will be shipped directly to the address you provide at checkout
Voucher is for confirmation purposes only. Canada Post will promptly inform you when your order has been dispatched
Product will arrive within 2-3 weeks of deal closing
Valid in Ontario only. Shipping included. Cannot be delivered to P.O. boxes
No additional charges
Voucher has no cash value

Click Here to get yours!

New Printable Coupon: Save $5 on ANY Skinny Cow Multipack

Skinny Cow has a great new offer available!
All you need to do is fill out a little survey and you'll be taken to a link to print your coupon!
Coupon Expires August 15 2012

Save $5 on any MULTIPACK (bars, sandwiches, cones)

FREE Slurpee at 7- Eleven Today! Wed July 11 2012

Good morning everyone!
Don't forget to pick up your FREE Slurpee at 7-11 Today!.

Wednesday July 11, 2012 is 7- Eleven Day!
From 11am-7pm, they are giving away 1000 FREE  7.11oz Slurpees!

Click Here to find a location near you!

FREE Woolite Extra Dark Care samples!

Hey everyone, is giving away samples of Woolite Extra Dark Care!

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200,000 samples available!

O-M-G Recycle Walk Heaven!!!


I went on a recycle walk tonight, even tho I'm super tired.
My free subscription with toronto star is up so I'm back to getting coupon inserts the old fashion way!

I got:
28 x Redplum coupon inserts
29 x Smartsource coupon inserts
3 x stouffers pins
3 x icoke pins
2 x BOGO free admission cineplex
1 x FPC Wonderplus invisibles---------- I didn't even know this one existed!

So a little back story as to WHY I managed to get so many inserts.
A Person who lives near me delivers the Mississauga News, now either they get sent waaaay too many papers than they need, OR we have a very lazy newspaper carrier! I found 1 bag FULL of 50 Bundles of Newspapers still with the plastic straps on them!
I Certainly hope its that they are sent too many and 50 people aren't out their flyer or inserts

And yes I will be giving some of the inserts away!

Do you recycle bin walk?

FREE Claritin samples! Facebook

Hey everyone,
Are you an allergy sufferer? Well if so Claritin Canada on facebook has a great offer for you!
They are giving away  FREE Claritin Samples!

Click the above link to get yours!
Limited quantities, 2-4 weeks to arrive.

New Printable Coupon: BOGO FREE Hansells soup!

Hey everyone,
Hansells Foods Canada on facebook is giving away a great new PRINTABLE coupon.

Buy One, Get One FREE Hansells SOUP

This coupon is printed through so you'll need to have their printer installed.

FREE sample of Natrel Baboo

Hey everyone, is offering a new FREE coupon for a Sample of Natrel Baboo!
This is an limited quantity offer so be sure to hurry and click to get yours!

Click here to get your FREE sample of Natrel baboo!

New Coupon: Save $2 on Kashi Toasted Cinnamon Crisp!

Hey everyone,
Kashi has a new coupon available!

Save $2 on Kashi Toasted Cinnamon Crisp

Limit one coupon per household, 4-6 weeks delivery.

Wagjag: $25 for Pampers Value Pack- ($38 value)

Good morning!
This offer is for the mommies!
Wagjag and has teamed up to offer a great new value.

$25 for a Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 or 2 Diaper Value Pack from (a $38.99 Value) - Shipping Included

  • Choose Swaddlers size 1 or size 2
  • Value pack at an unbelievable price 36% off!
  • Free shipping - diapers delivered right to your door
  • Great as a gift for any new parent
  • Limited quantity available
  • Vouchers will be issued when the deal closes
  • Redeem online at
  • Retail value is based on's regular pricing
  • Maximum 1 voucher per household
  • Not valid on other sizes or diaper styles
  • Offer valid only to Canadian shipping addresses in the 10 provinces. Offer not valid on addresses in the territories or remote locations classified as Air Stage Locations (zone 42 from Guelph) by Canada Post. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
  • Shipping included. No additional charges.

Taco Bell: FREE Chicken or Steak Burrito wub Supreme Combo!

Taco Bell has a great new offer available.
Visit their facebook page to download and print their new offer.

Get a Free Chicken or Steak Burrito Supreme when you buy a Chicken or Steak Burrito Supreme Combo

Limit one coupon per customer, per bill, per visit.

Valid July 2nd - August 31 2012

Metro Save $3 on Mammoth Beef Burgers

Hey everyone,
Metro on facebook has a great new printable coupon available.

Save $3 on Mammoth Beef Burgers

Click the above link to receive this exclusive facebook fan offer.

Offer Valid until July 5th 2012

New Coupon: Save $1 on Cheerios!

Hey everyone, has a great new coupon available.

Save $1 on Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, or Oatmeal Crisp Cereals

Honey Nut Cheerios is Definitely my favourite cereal :)

Redplum Coupon Insert! July 7th 2012

Hey everyone,
Here's the list of coupons available in the newest REDPLUM coupon insert,
which comes out this weekend, July 7th 2012.
FREE Good and Natural Bar
Save $1 off VH Steamers
Save $2 WUB 2 different Dove Products
Save $1 off Degree for Women
BOGO Free Vileda Scrub and Go

You can find the REDPLUM inserts in your weekly papers.
For example, mine comes in the Mississauga News.

Smart Source Coupon Insert! July 7 2012

Hey everyone,
Here's the list of coupons available in the newest Smart Source coupon insert,
which comes out this weekend, July 7th 2012.

Save $2 off Goodnights Underwear Jumbo Pack
Save $1 off Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce
Save $1 off a 10 pack of Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale
Save $1 off Oxiclean Versatile Stain Powder
Save $1 off Oxiclean Power Crystals
Save $1 off Oxiclean Max Force
Save $1.50 off Huggies Diapers
Save $2 off Huggies Little Movers Slip Ons
Save $1 off Uncle Ben’s 7 Grain Medley
BOGO FREE Uncle Ben’s Bistro Rice
Save $10 When you spend $15 on Glade Products
Save $1 on Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent

You can find the Smart Source inserts in your weekly papers.
For example, mine comes in the Mississauga News.

How to WIN CONTESTS! (Guest Article)

Hey everyone,
Do you LOVE to enter contests?
Do you wish you could win more contests more often?
Well your in luck, a very good friend of mine, Maria who is a CRAZY contest lover wrote a guest article on her theory on HOW you can WIN more Contests!

Movie passes, concert tickets, Blue Mountain weekend package, Heinz products for a year are just a few prizes I’ve won over the years.
I guess you could say I enjoy entering contests, I’ve entered thousands more than I’ve ever won but nevertheless, I’ve won quite a few and most people consider me very lucky!

Some other contest prizes I’ve won over the years are:
Molson Canadian Can Stereo
Concert Tickets
Hotel, Limo, Dinner packages
Gift baskets (Stag Shop, Disney)
Dining Coupons
and so many more that I’ve honestly lost track!

What is the trick you ask? Are there any tips to winning? I would say nothing in particular can guarantee that you’ll be a winner, but here are a few contest tips I recommend:

  • Always read the rules and conditions even thought it can be pain, it would definitely save you time in the end if you know which regions the contests are open to.
  • Enter local contests more often because your odds are much better than a country wide contest.
  • I believe you actually have a better chance of winning a contest that asks for an essay or a picture upload because most people don’t have the time, or can’t be bothered.
  • Be sure to check if you can enter the contests daily, weekly, etc. The more entries, the better your chance. And make sure to favourite websites and document the actual day you entered.
  • Enter contests that have a grand prize and multiple runner ups because your chances are that much better. I’ve won many runner up prizes over the years.
  • When entering a contest always select to sign up for emails from the company, you’ll get daily emails from them, and that way you can be the first to find out about new offers and contests.
  • Enter contests at the same time each day to keep entries consistent and it can make it easier to keep track of when you enter contests.
  • Keep radio station phone numbers on speed dial for easy dialing when entering contests.

  • Enter often, enter daily, and keep a favourites file. Keep it updated, delete old ones and visit sites that have current contests listed so it saves you time to search for new ones. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

    Pride Toronto! Freebies!

    Hey everyone,
    I hope everyone had a lovely Canada Day!
    I spent mine at the annual Toronto Gay Pride Parade.
    While enjoying seeing all the colourful people and floats and such there's also freebies to be had!
    I didn't get nearly as much as I did last year, but it's still nice to get stuff for free :)

    Rainbow Flag
    Pride Heart Fan
    Rainbow Arm band- Viagara 
    Rainbow pencil
    Diversity Sticker
    2 Lollipops
    1 Candy 
    2 Neutrogena Men face lotion + $3 coupon
    2 Motrin samples + $3 coupon
    $4 off Centrum coupon
    Pink Bandana
    2 Quaker granola bar
    3 Pins
    1 Can of Brisk Ice Tea (not in picture)

    Overall we had a great time, and can't wait to go back next year :)