Shopping Deals! cashing in FPCS! FREE Juice, FREE Eggos, FREE Cereal!

Hey everyone :)

Did the biweekly grocery shop and got some great deals!
I decided I wanted to cash in some of my FPCS that have been burning a hole in my binder :P

Food Basics:

1 x Activia $4.99 - $1 coupon (activia booklet)= $3.99
1 x Oasis orange juice $3.99- FPC (cereal box)= FREE
1 x Eggos $2.99- FPC (syb promo) = FREE
1 x V8 fusion $2.99- FPC (syb promo)= FREE
1 x Rice Krispies Brown rice cereal $3.99- FPC (Breakfast pin)= FREE

Lot's of free stuff this week :)

Do you save up your FPC coupons, or do you use them right away :)


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