New Websaver News! Saved Coupons and Printable Coupons!

Hey everyone!
Websaver has announced some great new features on their website.

You can now SAVE your selected coupons into your ''cart''

Saved Coupons: 
  • You can save up to 3 coupons for later checkout.
  • If you meet the minimum of 4 coupons you MUST check out, no hoarding allowed!
  • To manage inventories, saved coupons are locked in - they cannot be removed from your saved cart.
  • Coupons can be saved for up to 2 coupon pushes.You will receive e-mail reminders when we launch new coupons so as to guarantee that you will always be able to add more coupons to your cart and meet the 4 mail-to-home coupon minimum.
  • To ensure that there are enough coupons available to meet the minimum requirements, we are scheduling coupon pushes approximately twice a month – this means you will have LOTS of opportunities to load up on new coupons and get all the savings available!
  • If you have saved coupons in your cart - whenever you log back in to you can simply add new coupons to your order and will be able to check out - easy peasy!

You can also PRINT selected coupons!

Printable Coupons: 

Big news - Print (PAH) coupons have arrived at! We know you webSavers out there love your mail-to-home coupons, but fear not - they are not going anywhere! The addition of PAH coupons will simply allow us to provide you with even more opportunities to save! We know you have questions, and hopefully we have answers too - see below for our Q&A session-with our self.
Q: How does it work? What changes?
A: Relax - nothing too drastic, we promise. The coupons will look slightly different, and your checkout process will be altered slightly, but you will be guided along at every step of the way.
Q: I hear my retailer doesn't accept PAH coupons, is this true?
A: PAH coupons are currently being accepted at an ever widening group of retailers and we can assure we are working with all partners in setting the bar for PAH security, reliability, and quality.
Please note, each retailer has their own policy. We recommend you understanding the policies of your preferred retailer.Here is a link to guides on retailer policies.
Q: Can I save prints coupons in my cart?
A: Since print coupons are available on demand, there is no need to save to cart - print only if you'd like.
Q: What if I have issues with my printer?
A: We have anticipated some technical bugs with this new functionality so we have setup the following self serve service for you.

Click here for more information!


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