How to See Our Posts on Our facebook page!

Hey everyone!
So apparently facebook is making some changes to the business pages. (like this one)
In order to see everything that I post, you have to be what they call an ''active'' fan. 
So basically you have to like or comment on posts.
Or what you can do is go to our main page  A Crazy Couponer, Deal Finder
and hover over the ''like'' button, 
click SHOW IN NEWS FEED so you will see every deal and freebie that I post! 

OR what you can do is create a Interest List, you can  add all your favourite coupon pages to your interest lists so that you see everything they post, but still see what your friends post.
To do so click on the wrench icon, and select ''Add to Interest Lists''

If you really love us, you can add us to to your notification list, by clicking ''Get Notifications" everytime we post!

Thanks everyone for being such awesome dedicated fans! ♥♥


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