Freebies Received: Motrin, Glade and Sausages! Plus, How to keep track of Freebies!

Hey everyone,
Last week wasn't that great of a freebie week but I thought I'd still show you what I got in the mail!

Monday: Motrin 2 tablet sample + $3 coupon

                                                     Thursday: Glade FPC, Sausage FPC

And that's it! lol
Do you keep track of what freebies you sign up for?
If not why not try today using a file I created which makes it VERY easy to keep track of which freebies you sign up for, when you sign up and when you get them!

Here's a screen cap of what the spreadsheet looks like.
If you want to get a speadsheet of your own, you can download ours below!

Click here to Download the Spreadsheet


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