FREEBIES Received! Free Schick Razors, brandsampler!

Hey everyone,
wanted to share my freebies I've received over the last few days.

Regular P&G brandsampler- Included:
Gillette Proglide razor
Downy Unstoppables
Olay Wrinkle Cream
+ Febreeze Coupons

Schick Razor Silk
+ came with $4, $3 and $0.55 coupons

Schick Razor Silk
+ Came with $4, $0.55 coupons

I'm honestly baffled as to why I got two razors.
The one from today came with a different sheet but I don't remember signing up for more than one promo.
Anyone else get this twice?


Anonymous said...

I got both the razors as well today...and I also have no idea why. Glad I'm not the only one!

Was a nice surprise though!

Kraftycdn said...

yes i have recently received both of the razors as well and two of the men ones too lol not sure how either :) but not complaining lol

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