Shopping Deals! FREE Juice, FREE BBQ sauce, Cheap TP!

Hey everyone!
Did a quick shop this morning to get some of the great sales this week.
Since I wanted to get sale items from multiple stores, I decided to price match everything at walmart.

1 x Sweet baby ray BBQ sauce Reg $2.97 rollback $1.97- $2 Insert coupon= + $0.03
Total Savings= $3.00
I wanted to get more BBQ sauce as I have more coupons, but there was only one flavour left, and I don't know if I'm going to like it :P

2 x Kraft dressing Reg $1.97 PM No Frills $1 each
Total savings= $0.97

4 x Cottonelle Reg 9.99 (WOWEY) PM Loblaws $3.99- $1 insert coupon= $2.99 each
Total Savings= $27.96

20 x Minute Maid Frozen Juice Reg $0.93 PM Freshco $0.49 - $1wub2 coupons= +$0.20
Total Savings= $18.80


*note: As most of you know I am NOT a shelf clearer, I did purchase a large quantity of Frozen juice, 
BUT I did not clear shelves, there was at least 150 cans in the freezer, so I barely made a dent.
Also I only took as many coupons from the tearpad as my family needs, we go through at least 1 can of juice per day so in my opinion taking 10 coupons is not out of line at all.

People should only take what they may need and use from tearpads.
I most certainly do not approve of people selling tearpad coupons on ebay, which unfortunately is what alot of people have started doing. :(

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

I agree.... take only what you really need!

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