New Mcdonald's Coupons!!

Hey everyone!
Mcdonald's has some great new coupons available!
Check your mailboxes this week, or you can print these coupons directly from the mcdonald's website!

$2 off any Entree Salad
$1 off any Medium or Large Mccafe real fruit smoothie
$1 off any Iced Latte
$2.59 coffee and oatmeal deal
FREE Medium fries and Soft Drink WUB Mcbistro sandwich
$2 off any HAPPY MEAL(coupon only available in mailed flyers- not online)

 All coupons valid May 7th 2012- June 3rd 2012

Click here to print your coupons


Anonymous said...

$2 coupon off Happy Meal isn't available from MacDonald's website. It's only available on the printed copy in the mail :-( RC

c_mcarthur said...

I know! I noticed last night but couldn't post about it. Shame!

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