Stockpile Health & Beauty/ Cleaning 2012

Hey everyone, I thought I'd show everyone my updated as of April 2012 Stockpile!
I live in a small apartment so I don't have enough room to put my whole stockpile together, so I keep it separated in two different parts of my house.
I prefer to personally only stockpile Health & Beauty and Cleaning items.
I don't stockpile food as there is only two of us in my household and we don't go through that much food! LOL Onto the pictures!

Top Section of H&B- Shampoo, Deodorant, Mouthwash, Toothpaste/Toothbrushes, Body wash, Soaps

Bottom of H&B- Feminine Products, Shavers, Shave Cream, Hand Cream, Hair Products, Medicines, 
Purple Box (top left corner) travel sized items, Orange Box (underneath) More Medicines 

Cleaning Supplies: Dishsoap, Laundry Soaps, Cleaners, Stain removers, Bath cleaners, Aerosol sprays
(Just a little tid bit, I have 28 bottles of Dish Soap LOL )

What's your stockpile look like?


Extreme Couponing Saskatoon Style said...

What does mine look don't even want to know lol

Jo said...

I store my stockpile in our spare room on a change table that will eventually be used for our adopted child. It is much smaller than it used to be about a year ago because we went through a rough patch financially last year and the stockpile really saved us! Right now i have approximately:

15 bottles of laundry soap
2 large dish soaps
4 canisters of lysol wipes
2 bottle of hertel
5 cans of shaving cream
a whole bunch of travel sized items
8 boxes of dryer sheets
15 mens deodorant
13 womens deodorant
2 bottles of motrin
6 tubes of toothpaste
5 shampoo
3 conditioner
6 female body wash
4 male body wash

im sure there is more this is just what i remember off the top of my head.

c_mcarthur said...

LOl @ Extreme Couponing Saskatoon
and Thats great @JO i need to stock up more on deodorants!

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