Shopping Deals! FREE resolve, free starbucks, free ziploc!

Hey everyone,
Did some shopping today since I didn't get a chance on the weekend.
Everything I got in this picture was free!!


4 x Resolve spray and wash $2- (4) $2 coupons= FREE
2 x Zantac 3pk $2.22- (2) $3 coupons= + $1.56
1 x Scrubbing Bubbles $5.67- $5 coupons- $0.67 overage from zantac= FREE
1 x Ziploc 40ct $1- $1 coupon= FREE

And I paid all the taxes from a giftcard so my purchases really were free :D

Then I went to starbucks and redeemed my birthday postcard for a FREE Mocha Frappachino!

When you receive or buy a giftcard from Starbucks, you should register your card. Not only does it keep your card safe, BUT Starbucks sends you a Happy Birthday postcard, with a coupon for 1 FREE Drink on your birthday!
Click here to register a card or for more info on their program.


Noel Winters said...

Great tip! I was actually going to try and find some resolve cuz i need it thanks! =-)

c_mcarthur said...

Glad I could help :)

Canadian Daily said...

With the starbucks rewards (ie. when you register your gift cards) you also get a free drink coupon in the mail after every 15 purchases. We drink starbucks a lot..and register multiple cards on the same amount so it pays off nicely. :)

c_mcarthur said...

Wow really eh? thats awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the Ziploc coupon? Thanks for your freebie tips.

c_mcarthur said...

The ziploc coupon came from :)

Anonymous said... it redirects you to

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