Shopping Deals! Cheap popcorn, Cheap bodywash!

Hey everyone, Did a little shopping today, got some prettyy decent deals.
I was disappointed that I couldn't get any of the free milk, but alas i'm not surprised seeing as it's sunday :P

I got: Walmart-
2 x old spice $2.87- $2wub2(P&G Booklet) = $3.74 or $1.87 each
4 x orville popcorn $2.88- (4) $1.50 coupons (websaver)= $5.52 or $1.38 each
2 x mini ravioli $1- $0.50 wub2(TFT) = $1.50 or $0.75 each

SDM- They were out of the Dove visible care, but I was able to grab some tearpad coupons for a later date. Plus I had some dove go fresh coupons still.
3 x Dove go fresh bodywash $2.99- (3)$2 tearpad coupons= $2.97 or $0.99 each

Good deals! Anyone else score good deals today?


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