Recycle Bin Walk! HOLY MOLY inserts! icoke, cineplex, wagjag

Hey everyone,
went on a recycle bin walk this evening to get some of the latest inserts!
Came to one house where they had a big plastic garbage bag filled with mississauga news, papers.
I open up the bag and take a paper out, and see both redplum, and smartsource inserts, so I open up a bunch more and was able to get ALOT of both redplum and smartsource, I left an entire other bag full of these inserts as I dont want, nor need that many! as it is I grabbed waaaay too much LOL gonna be trading some of these away.
I was kinda dissapointed that there was no p&g in these papers lol :(
Alltogether I got:

14x smartsource coupon inserts
13x redplum coupon inserts
2x icoke pins
1x cineplex childrens bogo ticket
1x $10 wagjag code
1x old smartsource
3x p&g brandsaver ----- I was dissapointed that I couldn't find more!
it seemed every paper I came across on had RP and SC but not P&G!

Anyway, Great Haul!


Anonymous said...

I didnt get a P&G or a red plum..only 3 SS

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