How to get FREE Resolve Spray and Wash!! (video)

Hey everyone,
Want to get some FREE Resolve spray and wash?
Watch my video above how to maximize sales and coupons!


Anonymous said...

Would love to see you face when you talk please tie your hair back :)

Jen said...

^^^Are you serious?? Thanks for the tip, I'll be sure to get some Resolve this week. As for the above statement, you're a pretty girl and your hair looks just fine!

Anonymous said...

Tip: Picked up the Resolve refill bottle 946ml which was also on sale at Walmart for $2. This has more content compared to the spray gun bottle.

New Resolve $2 off coupons available in-store: Fortino, Loblaws, Canadian Superstore, NoFrills,Zehrs and the rest of the same chain stores. Grab a couple and look out for another $2 sale. Coupon is valid from April 20-June 15, 2012 in those stores. RC

c_mcarthur said...

I also saw the refill bottles on sale for $2, but I decided just to go with the trigger ones :)

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