Shopping Deals! Free advil, FREE zantac, cheap paper towel

Good Morning everyone!
It was a very busy weekend for me so sorry for the lack of posts.
Got some deals at Walmart and Metro this weekend and thought I'd share.

(Multiple transactions, adding it up as if it was one)
1 x Majesta paper towel(8 rolls) $2.97- $2 coupon= $0.97!
1 x Astro Yogurt $2.47- $1 coupon= $1.47
4 x Zantac $2.22 - (4) $3 coupons= +3.12 Towards the rest of my bill
(an explanation: Both me and my bf used 2 coupons each, in 2 different transactions. Would have done 2 transactions each, but cashier told us it doesn't matter how many we have as long as their valid(even after I told it it's supposed to be one per customer) )
3 x advil cold and sinus $3.96 - (3) $4 coupons= + $0.12
1 x Neutrogena $5.97-(overages from zantac + advil) - $3.24= $2.73 (woooo!)

1 x Cashmere tp $2.99- $2 coupon= $0.99!

Wish I had more of those tp and paper towel coupons! hehe


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