Shopping Deals! Free oasis, Free advil, free Healthy Choice steamers!

Hey everyone,
went to a new walmart that just opened up a few weeks ago, with my mom and sister to do some shopping! I had a fabulous cashier and will look for her next time i'm there!
I got some great deals due to price matching and coupons.

I got:

1 x Activia PM No frills $3- $1 coupon(activia booklet)= $2
4 x sidekicks $1- B3G1 Free(tearpad)= $3
1 x Healthy Choice Steamers $2.97- FPC(from a trade)= FREE
3 x Oasis OJ PM No frills $2- (3) $2 coupons (magazine)= FREE
4 x Advil cold & sinus $3.96- (4) $4 coupons (tearpad)= +0.16
(I know that i've been having alot of advil brags, I did not take an entire tearpad, i've gotten them through numerous trades :) )

Then we went to shoppers:

2 x 24 roll Royale toliet paper $4.99- (2) $2 coupons(facebook promo)= $2.99 each

Did you score any great grocery deals this week?


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