How to ''un-like'' companies on facebook!

Hey everyone!
Companies LOVE to give away freebies through facebook!
But have you ever noticed after the freebies are over, all you see in your news feed is constant information from said companies!
Not to mention that the ''apps'' you have to download to get coupons and freebies, store your information.
You tend to see less and less of things people on your friend's list post.
I know some of you may think well why 'un-like' them because they might come out with new freebies... well your right but you can also re-like them again if you want!

This is just to show you how to de-clutter your facebook 'likes' pages.
There are 5 steps to take to remove these companies from your 'likes' and to remove your information from their apps.

Step one:
Click on your own profile, and hit ''update info''

Step two:
Next to your name there will be a button that says ''about'' click on it and change it to ''likes''

Step three:
Under the header ''favourites'' your pages will be listed under ''other pages''
Click on edit
Scroll down and click on ''other pages you like''
A box will pop up showing you which pages you 'like'
you can now easily remove the pages you want.

Step four:
Now that your 'likes' are taken care of, you'll need to go to the pull down menu on the top right corner of the page next to the ''HOME'' button.
Click privacy settings.
Click edit settings next to ''apps and websites''

Step Five:
Go under ''apps you use'' and click edit settings
A new box will open up and you can remove any apps that you had to add in order to get coupons or freebies.

All 5 steps are necessary to 'unlike' and remove all 'apps' that come along with each fan page.
I hope this helps you clean up your facebook so you can see your friend's posts!

* Just a note, If you feel that it's wrong to ''like'' a company and ''un-like'' them afterwards, then you can always hide the posts by clicking the x next to their post on your news feed.
Or you can make a facebook account just for freebies and coupons to keep it seperate from your personal account :)


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