Tim Hortons: Roll up the Rim to win is back!

Hey everyone,
I read over on SC that Tim Horton's promotion of Roll up the Rim to win is back, starting February 20th 2012!
Here's the deets:

Begins MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20,2012
Contest Cup Eligibility
Any small, medium, large or extra large size hot beverage(French Vanilla, Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, English Toffee, White Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee and Lattes!)
Any hot beverage served in a qualifying china mug or re-usable container upon presentation of their order

NOT eligible:
Extra small hot beverages
Bottled or Canned Drinks
Iced Beverages
Single/Double espresso

Winning Rim Tab Redemption – Food Prizes
An unlimited number may be redeemed at one time
Winning Rim Tabs may NOT be redeemed as part as any combo

Guest may select any size of any hot beverage
A flavor shot may be added at no additional charge
No other substitutions allowed
Always serve winning beverages with a contest cup if available in size

Guest may select any variety of one donut, one muffin or one cookie per winning tab
No other substitutions allowed

Winning Rim Tab redemption – Major Prizes

Present Guest with 2012 Rules and Regulation Form
Guest must complete form in full and submit to contest company as indicated

Double Cupping
When required or requested, use a regular brown cup

Damaged/Tampered Cups
Immediately deemed null and void

You can also play Roll up Roulette online at http://www.rolluptherimtowin.com or new this year, on your mobile phone!
1 in 6 chances to win
If contest cup not available ask customer if they’d like to change their order to an available cup size
All major prize winning Rim Tabs must be redeemed by May 20, 2012

Prizes for 2012 are:
40 Toyota Camry Hybrids
100 Panasonic 3D TV Packages
1,000 Coleman Camping Package
5,000 Panasonic Digital Camera
25,000 100$ Tim Cards
And millions of Food Prizes

Click here to visit the roll up the rim to win website


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