Shopping Deals! Cheap toilet paper!!

Hehe, so this whole post is just to show how excited I am to be getting cheap toilet paper... not just that I got a deal, but the best part is that I wasn't even the one who bought it!

My dear boyfriend (who loves that I coupon!) actually doesn't mind couponing for me!
It's not a very common sight to see males couponing... I know I know there are a few but the majority of couponing are women.

So, because I had to work today, he went to SDM and got some tp that was on sale:

2 x royale 24 rolls $4.99- (2) $1 coupons= $3.99 each or $0.16 per roll. Not fantastic of a deal, but a good deal nonetheless!

P.s. my cat DeeDee keeps making cameos in my photos, here she was meowing at me because she wanted to be fed LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm really loving your blog! Especially how you preach moderation and honesty in couponing (against this new tidal wave of TLC Extreme Couponing-inspired excess, gluttony and greed). Keep it up! :)


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