Recycle Bin Walk! Holy Inserts!

So I decided to bundle up and do a quick recycle walk last night to get some coupon inserts!
I scored big time insert wise!

I got:

2 x p&g coupon inserts
2 x smartsource inserts
3 x redplum inserts
4 x pet coupon inserts
1 x icoke pin

I don't know if it's just my area, but i'm not finding any of the cereal box tops or old el paso boxes with coupons on them. :(

Do you Recycle Bin Walk?


stephanie said...

Just wondering,how come you collect box tops I am kinda new to this this is why i ask thanks.....Oh i love you site very easy to use

c_mcarthur said...

@ stephanie, sometimes cereal box tops have coupons on them.
right now there is a cineplex offer on alot of cereal boxes and taco boxes.
hope this helps :)

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