How to Keep track of Freebies!

Hey everyone,
How do you keep track of all the freebies you send off for?
I keep a Microsoft Excel file to keep track of everything I order and when I receive them.
Here's a screencap of what my file looks like:

You can click on it to see a bigger version of it.

Basically I seperate my file into 4 sections on Excel:
  • Item name
  • Where I ordered from
  • Date Ordered
  • Date Received
It's really, really easy to keep track of what your ordering and also how long it takes to arrive and if it doesn't arrive at all, then you know it's time to contact the company you requested your freebie from.
Even if your not a computer whiz, a good idea is to start writing down when you order freebies, that way your not left wondering if your ever going to receive that freebie you thought you signed up for.

I hope this helps everyone,
Happy Freebie Hunting!


Michelle L said...

I love this idea! I have been using it for my money spent, but its a good idea to use to keep track of freebies and online orders as well! Thanks for the great tip :)

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