Freebies Received: Kotex Natural Balance, Maple Leaf, Irish Spring!

Hey everyone,
I haven't been receiving steady mail lately.... Usually only 2-3 times a week, which is very annoying especially when your waiting on freebies :P

So here are some freebies I received in 3 separate mail days!

- Irish Spring deodorant and bodywash + $1 off coupon (walmart offer)
4 weeks
- Maple Leaf Bacon FPC (facebook offer)
1 week
- Kotex Natural Balance 2 pantyliner's, 1 pad, $1 off coupon (kotex website)
5 weeks

I started keeping track of what freebies I order and when I receive them so I can, a)keep track and b)see how long it takes!

I hope you enjoy my posts, feel free to comment below!


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