National Women's Show FREEBIES!!

Hey everyone,
I went to the 10th annual National Women's Show in Toronto today.
For $12 admission you get access to hundreds of booths with lots of information, freebies and coupons!

Here's my haul of freebies:

and my haul of coupons:

After 4 hours at the show I was beat! Overall I had a great time with some girl friends :)
Did any one else attend the show?


Candice said...

Sounds like a great time & looks like a great haul! If I still lived in Ontario I would have been there with bells on =)

Fan R. said...

What is $2 off for ( Looks like Shoppers)?
I went today it was good, but no Hair Color this time.

c_mcarthur said...

@ Fan R the $2 off coupon for shoppers is valid on George's light 360ml lotion or George's 450 g cream.

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