Johnson & Johnson Coupons! Request 2 coupons each month!

Hey everyone,
Did you know that you can call Johnson & Johnson each month and request 2 coupons?
All you need to do is call their hot line and request!
They have many you can choose from.

Here's a list of most coupons available:
$2 Reach/Listerine/Bandaid
$2 Tylenol/Motrin/Benylin/Imodium
$2 Stayfree/Carefree
$3 Aveeno/Clean and Clear/Neutrogena
$1 J&J baby

You can also ask them for a complete list when you call.

1-877-223-9807 Monday- Friday

I always request the O.B./ Stayfree coupons.


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