Freebies Received: motrin, shoppers voice, infusium

Hey everyone,
got some freebies in the mail over the last 2 days.
Still no sign of my brandsampler tho :(

I got:
Motrin 16ct pack, plus $4.50 coupon
Infusium sample + $2 coupon
Shoppers voice coupon package (few fpcs and MIR's)
Also got a very pretty ornament from The Princess Margaret foundation.


cathy said...

Someone probably snagged your brandsaver, cos they were sent out and recieved like 3 weeks ago. Maybe your mailman? Maybe you should email the company and find out if they sent you any and when to know for sure.

c_mcarthur said...

I did contact them and they said it can take as long as 6 weeks to receive them.
so I havent given up hope yet.

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