CHEAP Listerine @ Zellers! Almost free! Plus a P&G surprise free tampax!

Hey everyone,
Made a video today about a great deal on Listerine at Zellers!

I also got a really awesome coupon in the mail today from P&G for a FREE box of tampax pearl! What a nice surprise :)

Also, if your in the Mississauga area and want to join our coupon swap this sunday (Dec 4th) we'll be meeting in the Square One food court for 10am.
Bring your binders!

Coupon Swap Info


Anonymous said...

These were on @ Shopper's for $4.99 this week the 1L and the smaller bottles (473ml)

c_mcarthur said...

Thats awesome, although I checked my SDM and they didn't have any 473 ml in stock :(

Undomesticgirl said...

Awesome! Wish I could of found some of those coups! :)

jenn said...

Nice kitty in the background :p

c_mcarthur said...

@undomesticgirl, I found the tearpad at Shoppers drug mart, maybe your local SDm will have some left :)

c_mcarthur said...

@jenn, that's lucy trying to subtly be the star :P

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