Recycle Bin Walk: Feels like trick or treating! tons of icoke and redplum

Hey everyone,
I miss trick or treating so much!!
lol so I decided to go on a recycle bin walk last night to get some goodies!

I got :

10 icoke pins
4 redplum inserts
1 smartsource insert
3 dog food inserts
1 dove $2 coupon ( was a hangtag but I only found one :P )

I haven't done a recycle walk in a while, do you recycle bin walk?

How to Make CHEAP costumes! Under $30!

As I promised, here are mine and my bfs costumes!
We went as The riddler and Poison Ivy.
Each of our costumes cost under $30!

Here's the breakdown:

Poison Ivy:
Green Skirt- $4.99 (talize)
Green top - $4.99 (talize)
4 strands of ivy (dollarama) $4
Tights from home= FREE

Total cost: approx $14

Green suit(pants and jacket) - Reg 19.99- on sale $9.99 (talize)
Hat- $4.99 (value village)
Tie $2.99 (value village)
Spray paint for hat reg $9.99- 50% off coupon (michaels) = $4.99
Black shirt from home= FREE

2 painstaking hours of stenciling question marks on suit LOL

Total Cost: approx $23

Now to think about next Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend, wish I wasn't too old to go trick or treating! LOL

Free Gillette Razor and Deodorant! Short survey

Hey everyone,
Gillette Voice Check has a survey out on their facebook page about Gillette products.
Once your complete the survey you get a sample of Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor and Odour Shield All Day Clean Deodorant.
One sample per household.

Click here to take the survey now

20% off any one SPIRIT Halloween item! Only 4 days left to use!

Update! New coupon that doesn't expire until October 31st!

Hey everyone,
Did you know some Halloween stores have coupons that can be applied to your purchase?

Spirit Halloween-
Spirit Halloween sets up temporary stores around major cities,
they also offer a 20% off any one item coupon that you print, and take into the store to redeem.

Click here to print your coupon!

Freebies Received: Lacoupe Samples + $2 coupon

Hey everyone,
I received my Lacoupe Sample yesterday!
It also came with an awesome $2 off coupon.
I swear I have a bucket full of shampoo/conditioner samples LOL

So I've started a new way of organizing which freebies I sign up for, when I sign up and when I receive them.
I think doing this will make it alot easier to track all my freebies.
And make for a nice extra to show everyone how long it takes to receive my freebies!
All I did was make up a chart in excel.

How do you organize which freebies you sign up for?
I'd love to hear your ideas!

Free Motrin samples- Livingwell

Hey everyone, is giving away free samples of Motrin today!
There are 7000 samples available.

This freebie is only available for livingwell members, so make sure to sign up to get yours!

Click here to get your freebie

Freebies Received: Breathe Right, Reactine.

Hey everyone,
got some freebies in the mail today!

I got my Reactine sample (livingwell) and a $2 coupon.
Also got my Breath Right sample + $2 coupon.
Gotta love freebies!

Halloween's Coming! Alternative treats for trick-or-treaters!

Hey everyone!
Halloween is JUST around the corner!
Every year when we're close to Halloween I remember a song we used to sing as children haha.
My costume is almost complete, but I'll share my how-to in another post.

A lot of people like to give alternative treats to trick or treaters so that they don't overload on candy.
Some people like to give pencils and stickers and bracelets.

Did you know that Mcdonald's and Wendy's have Halloween coupon booklets for kids?

Wendy's Coupon booklet is $1 and comes with 5 FREE jr.frosty coupons.
These coupons are valid from November 1 – February 1, 2012.

Mcdonald's Coupon booklet is $1 and comes with 6 coupons
The coupons available are:
2 small fries
2 kids drinks
2 ice cream cones.
There is no expiry on these coupons.

So if your looking for an alternative to candy to hand out, why not pick up some treat coupons from your local Wendy's or Mcdonalds.
All proceeds go to charity.

Apple Pie for only $2.54!

Hey everyone,
Want to know my secret to a delicious apple pie? That only costs $2.54?

Sunday is my neice's christening, so I opted to make a dessert to bring for the after party. My famous apple pie that everyone loves!

Luckily for me, No Frills has Pillsbury Pie Crusts on for $2 - minus $1 coupon from making the crusts only $1!
I also had to grab some apples for $1.54, yes I use a more expensive kind of apple (royal gala) but believe me it makes all the difference.

So for $2.54 I made a delicious apple pie that I'm sure will please everyone.

I use an altered version of This Recipe if your interested.

Freebies Received: WET personal lubricant

Hey everyone,
I blogged awhile back about an ADULT freebie from WET lubricants.
I received my samples today!
Plus a $1 off coupon.... that's only valid in the USA... LOL
oh well, it's still a freebie!

What did you get in the mail today?

FREE Olay samples- Facebook

Hey everyone,
Olay Canada is giving away more free samples on facebook today!
All you need to do is ''like'' Olay Canada and stay tuned because at some point today the freebie will go live!

Click here to ''like'' Olay.

How to spot FAKE freebies- Article on SC

Hey everyone, in light of the fake freebies that keep popping up on facebook, (free timhortons and starbucks giftcards) I thought I'd share this article on SC about how to spot fake freebies.
People say if it's too good to be true it probably is.
There are real freebies out there, you just need to know what to look for.

Read here:
"The lure of free stuff is a powerful marketing tool and is used to good effect by many savvy marketers. Unfortunately, not every free stuff offer is what it appears to be. There are lots of great free stuff offers out there, but you need to use some healthy skepticism and resist the temptation to fall for free stuff scams. Evaluating free stuff offers is pretty easy if you use a little common sense mixed with some knowledge and a bit of experience. Below are some tips to help you avoid the free stuff boondoggles:

  • Too good to be true - Most offers that appear too good to be true usually are. Examine the motivation for the free offer. A free trial size shampoo makes sense because they are trying to sell shampoo. A free vacation is unlikely, unless there are large hidden charges attached.

  • Suspicious websites- If a website has tons of Google ads and does not look legit to you, just skip it. Also, if a website has the words "free" (Example: in it's address name, it is not a real freebie and is a scam. If a website looks badly constructed, has lots of spelling and grammatical errors, bombards you with downloads or pop ups you should ask yourself - "Do I trust this website with my information and are they really going to send me a freebie?" The answer could well be no. If a website has enough money to send out thousands of freebies - why haven't they spent the same amount of money developing a profession looking website? The answer could be that they have no freebies to give out and only want your details.

  • URL- If the website URL is from a free hosting domain such as yahoo or tripod, don't take a chance. Surely a real company could afford an address without hosts.

  • Use an alternative email- when signing up for freebies, it's always good to use a alternative email, not your main one. That way, if you do fall for a scam, it will all go to your other side account and not clog up your main one. I recommend a yahoo or hotmail or gmail account because they have good storage and junk mail filter.

  • Win-win?- Usually, when the company give out freebies, they do it so people can sample their products and possibly purchase them in the future. If the website is offering "free samples", look for a link or something back to the company. If there is no link or address, how will customers contact them again to buy products? No company would willing give away thousands of products with no way for contact.

  • Owner?- Do you know who owns the site? If they are giving away "free dove samples", is URL If it's not the actual company offering the product, it is likey a scam.

  • Don't pay for prizes - If you get email or postal mail proclaiming you the winner of a great prize and all you have to do is pay a fee to claim it, don't. It' s a scam and the only winners are the scammers.

  • Read the fine print- If the site looks suspicious to you, read their FAQ or Terms of Agreement(if there is one). Does it guarantee that you'll get the freebie or that it is not a scam? If it says it's not affiliated in any way with the product, or anything like that, move on.

  • Beware email collection scams - Most of the sites that consist of nothing but a form offering free stuff are there to collect email addresses for spammers. These sometimes have long lists of offers or "newsletters" you can subscribe to. If you are tempted to sign up for these, be sure to use a disposable email address.

  • Banners & Pop-Ups- If the freebie comes to you from a banner or pop-up while surfing the Internet, it's probably best to pass. This is especially true if the freebie advertisement takes you to a website other than homepage of the freebie product being offered.

  • Survey Scams- Never complete any surveys that state the word "FREE" in the headline. In other words, if the survey states something like "Fill out this survey and you will receive a free $50.00 gift certificate. They are actually trying to find out which products you would be interested in purchasing while you are filling out this long screening process. Do not give them your email address or credit card number. You will receive hundreds of junk mail everyday, and still not receive your $50.00 gift certificate until you purchase at least $400.00 of merchandise!
And remember: Always research any paid survey site by researching scams and or, place the name of the company in your browser and use the word "scams" beside their name. This should tell you whether or not this company is a scam artist."

If you want to check out the whole forum
Click here

FREE Glad compostable bag or $1.50 coupon

Hey everyone,
GLAD Canada is giving away free Glad Compostable Bags with Odour Guard samples, or a printable $1.50 coupon.
Apparently the giveaway is done geographicaly, meaning it depends on your postal code whether you get the freebie.

My postal code was accepted for the freebie! Yay
So if your in Mississauga maybe yours will be too!

Click here to get your freebie

New 20% off Spirit Halloween Coupon! Printable

Update! New coupon that doesn't expire until October 31st!

Hey everyone,
Did you know some Halloween stores have coupons that can be applied to your purchase?

Spirit Halloween-
Spirit Halloween sets up temporary stores around major cities,
they also offer a 20% off any one item coupon that you print, and take into the store to redeem.

Click here to print your coupon!

Shopping Deals! FREE tylenol, FREE ziploc, cheap eggos

Hey everyone,
Did some shopping at Food basics and Walmart, here's what I got!

Food Basics:
4 x sidekicks $1.49- B3G1 FREE= $4.47 or $1.11 each
2 x eggos $1.99- (2) $0.75 coupons= $2.48 or $1.24 each

2 x Tylenol Muscle aches/body pain $3.28 - (2) $4 coupons ( -$1.44 towards the rest of my bill!
4 x ziplocs $0.98 - (2) $2wub2 coupons ( - $0.08 towards the rest of my bill!
Got some other stuff without coupons and some gifts so the overage was a nice help.

P.s. I do not encourage people to use higher value of coupons on less expensive items JUST TO GET the overage.
While a little overage is nice, it is not nice to print hundreds of coupons and clear shelves just to get overage.

Have a great weekend everyone!

FREE degree samples! Facebook

Hey everyone,
Degree Women Canada is giving away samples of deodorant in celebration of reaching 40,000 fans!
All you need to do is ''like'' them on facebook, fill out the offer form and wait patiently for your freebie!

Click Here to get yours!

New Coupon: Save $5 on Listerine Whitening

Hey everyone, has a great new printable coupon available.
Save $5 on the purchase of Listerine Whitening.
473 ml, and 946ml sizes only.

Click Here to print yours

As always I recommend having a strong coupon ethic :)

FREE ziploc bags! with coupons- Walmart deal

Hey everyone,
noticed a great deal in the upcoming Walmart flyer (oct 14- 20)
Walmart has 40ct Ziploc bags on sale for $0.98.

Combine the sale with the $2 wub 2 coupon (from websaver) =

2 FREE boxes!!!
Yippie I love free!

Free Jergens Overnight moisturizer!

Hey everyone,
Jergens is giving away free samples of their overnight fix moisturizer.
All you need to do is fill out their form and wait 3-4 weeks for your freebie to arrive!

Click Here to get yours!

Free $5 Kernels Gift Certificate- Fabfind

Hey everyone,
I don't usually promote groupbuy websites but this deal is just to great to pass up!
Fabfind is ''selling'' $5 kernels gift certificates for $0!
That's right, FREE.
It looks like they will email you your certificate within 3 days, which you have to print at home to take in to the store to redeem.

At last check there was 5731 left.
Click Here to get yours!

Thanks, Canadian Daily Deals!

P&G Brandsampler! October samples now available!

Hey everyone,
P&G Brandsampler October is now available!
Click Here to sign in to brandsampler, answer a few questions and your samples will be on their way!
4-6 weeks delivery.

Hurry! These samples go fast!

FREE Splenda Sweetener livingwell Oct 11

Hey everyone, is giving away free samples of Splenda Sweetener.
This freebie goes live NOW.
Make sure to sign into livingwell ahead of time in order to get your freebie!

Click here to get yours

Holiday Weekend Deals! Cheap pop, free Orange Juice

Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted much this weekend, I was spending time with my family and enjoying lot's of turkey!
I got a few deals but in all the hubub of events going on I didn't take any pictures! LOL so unlike me I know.

2 x dr.pepper 6 x 710ml $2.50 - $2 wub 2 = $3 or $1.50 each
2 x schwepps 6 x 710 ml $2.50- $2 wub 2 = $3 or $1.50 each

2 x Oasis orange juice (PM freshco) $1.97 - $2 coupons = FREE
1 x Zantac $7.97- $2 coupon= $5.97
Plus I got some new running shoes on clearance for $20! score!

I hope everyone had an awesome long weekend, and be sure to check back throughout the week for all the deals I post!

Free Kleenex for you and a friend!

Hey everyone,
Kleenex is having another giveaway for free Kleenex for you and a friend!

Get Yours Now

Free Oasis Juice! Frescho + Coupon

Hey everyone,
Freshco has Oasis orange juice on for $1.97 for the week of October 7-13th 2011.
Combine with the $2 off any Oasis juice (magazine coupon) and get it free!
See video below :)

New Coupon: $5 off wub 2 stayfree, carefree, O.B

Hey all my lady fans! and livingwell has released one of my FAVOURITE coupons!
Save $5 when you buy 2 Stayfree, Carefree, or O.B. Products.

Click here to get yours.

Awesome Mail Day!

I haven't had a good mail day in a while and today... BAM

I got the sample pack of hot sauce from Tabasco from a facebook offer a while back.
It came with 10! samples + 10 $1 off coupons!
My jaw dropped when I saw that lol, i'm going to have to give some away for sure.
I also got 2 cineplex tickets(icoke) that I ordered back in July.... ridiculous shipping...
and a $3 similac cheque.

I love great mail days!

Free Always and Tampax sample kit

Hey all you ladies out there!
This is a great freebie
Being Girl is giving away free samples of Always and Tampax.
Simply fill out the form and wait 8-10 weeks for your freebie!

Click here to get yours.

New Coupon: $1 off Dempsters country originals.

Hey everyone,
Websaver has a great new coupon for all those Dempsters lovers out there!

Save $1 off any Dempsters country originals loafs.

Click here to get your coupon!

Free Zinger Sandwich! KFC (Oct 3- 16) WUB 32 oz pepsi

Hey everyone,
KFC Canada is offering a free zinger sandwich (wub a 32 oz pepsi) to all their fans on facebook.
All you have to do is ''like'' KFC CANADA on facebook and Visit October 3-16 to print your free coupon!

Click here to ''like'' KFC Canada

Free Eco-Bag-Pac!

Hey everyone,
Eco-Bag-Pac is giving away free trials of their product.

Click here to get yours!

Free sample of LACOUPE + $2 coupon

Hey everyone,
LACOUPE is giving away free sampels + a $2 off coupon.

Click here to get yours