Walmart Deal: VERY cheap Motrin! $1.37!!

Hey everyone,
noticed that Walmart has 72 count Motrin liquid gels on sale for $6.37, (sept 23-29)
if you use the $5 print-at-home coupon, that makes them $1.37!!
That`s an amazing price to stock up on!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not go crazy and print 50 of this coupon and clear the shelves!!
Remember your good coupon ethics :)


Anonymous said...

Can't use this for multiple bottles it seems... the coupon states that it is one coupon per purchase and PER PERSON. That sucks I was hoping to grab 6 bottles as we go through Motrin a lot in our house!

c_mcarthur said...

You can also get more than one person to come shopping with you, so you can get more than one bottle.
Or perhaps come back later in the week and get more.
The one per person in my opinion means one per person per visit.
If you come back another day with another coupon,I dont see how that's abusing the system :)

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