Shopping Deals: free smart bread, cheap lunch meat, and asana!

Hey guys!
Did some grocery shopping last night and used a couple coupons.
I got:

1 x smart bread $2- $2 coupon = FREE
1 x asana $1.99- $0.50= $1.49
4 x budding lunch meat $0.89- (2) $0.55wub2= $2.46 or $0.61 each

A coupon fairy left me an awesome coupon!
I was walking up the pop aisle and sticking out of one of the shelves was a Orange $2wub2 crush, schwepps, or dr.pepper coupon!
I've been looking for these forever!
I went to the same food basics about 2 weeks ago and there were no crush coupons so I totally think someone fairied them on the shelf! woo
I'd love to get my hands on more of these if anyone wants to trade!


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