How to Refill your Lysol No Touch soap dispenser! Picture version

Hey everyone,
I've had a couple requests from readers who can't access videos or have a small bandwidth to show how to refill the Lysol no touch soap dispenser in picture version.
So follow the step by step photos on how to refill your dispenser below:

Step 1:
Pull out your Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser

Step 2 :
Supplies you'll need are: soap, butter knife, empty soap container, dispenser
Eject the soap container using the button on the back of the dispenser.
Don't forget to turn the sensor on ''off'' when doing so.

Step 3:
Position the butter knife under the middle of lid of the soap container, hold the other side of the container and push up with a little pressure.
The lid should pop off.

Step 4:
Now that you have the Lid popped off your ready to refill it.

Step 5:
Pour your soap into the empty soap container, fill it up as much as you'd prefer.

Step 6:
Put the lid back on and push down until you hear a snap.

Step 7:
Turn your soap back the right side up.

Step 8:
Put the soap container back in the dispenser, Press down until you hear a click.

Step 9:
Turn the sensor back on and turn the dispenser back around, the red light on the bottom should flash a few times.

Step 10:
Test it out!
And your done.

I've refilled both my dispensers about 4 times so far and they both still work fine.
In case you do want to view the How- To video,
Click here


Leah said...

Gotta Love Pinterest!

AceDublB said...

Even easier is to heat a half cup of water for 90 seconds in a microwavable pyrex cup or similar. Dip the top only in the hot water for 10-20 seconds then using a towel or glove give the top a quick twist off. Works beautifully without any hassle or hazard.

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