How to create AWESOME Halloween costumes for under $30

Hey everyone!
I am a very frugal shopper when it comes to making a costume for Halloween.
So I wanted to share with you my past Halloween costumes and how you can make almost any costume for less than $30

**UPDATE! Here are our costumes for this year! 2012
Managed to stay under $30 for Roger Rabbit, but for Jessica went a bit over $30.

Excuse my lame attempt at a smoldering temptress haha

Roger Rabbit:
Bunny Ears $2.99- Amazing Party Store
Red Suspenders $5.99- Amazing Party Store
White Tutleneck $2.99- Talize
Red Pants $5.99- Value Village
Bow Tie- Made from Blue Felt and yellow fabric paint- $0.50- Michaels
White Furry Gloves $1.25- Dollarama


Jessica Rabbit:
Red Dress $9.99- Talize
Purple Gloves $5.99- Amazing Party Store
Red Wig $18 (YIKES! That was even after the 20% Coupon)- Spirit Halloween
Red Pump Heels- FREE (Borrowed from a friend)


All in all not too costly at all! :)

Here are a few of my past costumes:

Garth- Wayne's World

I'm sure most of you have seen the movie Wayne's World right, I chose to be Garth and my costume was less than $25!
I purchased items for my costume from Talize and Dollarama.

Plaid shirt- $4
Graphic tee- $1.99
Old Baggie Jeans from bf - FREE (used a cheese grater to make the ripped knee effect)
Wig- $8
Glasses- $1 (dollarama, popped out the glass)

Total spent:
approx $15

Tiffany- Bride of Chucky

For those of you who haven't see any of the Chucky movies, Tiffany is Chucky's love interest in BRIDE OF CHUCKY.
This costume was really fun to put together.
I purchased my supplies from Talize, Value Village and Spirit Halloween.

White Dress- $5.99 (the dress came down to my ankles so I chopped half of it off)
Pleather jacket $4.99
Spidewed tights $6.99 - 20% off coupon = $5.60 (spirit Halloween)
Black Boots $5.99

Total spent:


Now I did purchase this costume so it was a little over $25 but I wanted to show it as well because I still got a deal on it.
Did you know most costume stores offer coupons?

Amazing Party Store
Tinkerbell $35- 20% coupon= $28

We went as The riddler and Poison Ivy.
Each of our costumes cost under $30!

Here's the breakdown:

Poison Ivy:
Green Skirt- $4.99 (talize)
Green top - $4.99 (talize)
4 strands of ivy (dollarama) $4
Tights from home= FREE

Total cost: approx $14

Green suit(pants and jacket) - Reg 19.99- on sale $9.99 (talize)
Hat- $4.99 (value village)
Tie $2.99 (value village)
Spray paint for hat reg $9.99- 50% off coupon (michaels) = $4.99
Black shirt from home= FREE

2 painstaking hours of stenciling question marks on suit LOL

Total Cost: approx $23

Now to think about next Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend, wish I wasn't too old to go trick or treating! LOL

Once you've decided what you'd like to be for Halloween then you could easily try to make your costumes by going to thrift stores such as Talize, Value village, and Goodwill.
Pre-made store costumes can be REALLY pricey, usually at least $40 +
If you really want that pre-made costume you can always get the coupons most Halloween stores have. (see next post)


cathy said...

Omg why didnt you post a pic of you as columbia???? that was the most awesome costume and you were a ringer for her, ya gotta post it!

c_mcarthur said...

lol yea but that costume was kinda pricey and the whole post is about how to save money on your halloween costumes :P

cathy said...

granted but using a coupon woulda helped..i still think you should post it , you looked awesome!

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